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How did I end up on Verizon's no service zone??

How did I end up on Verizon's no service zone??

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FiOS FiOS everywhere but not a fiber to see!   FiOS has hit our neighborhood, its been here for awhile.   Its in the street behind us, to both sides of us and the culdesac's below us to either side.   It is even on on road, just the other side of the intersection.   Spiffy little FiOS flags flying everywhere but my little piece of the world.    Seem's we were forgotten or left of the map for what ever reason.      Now I'm stuck with Comcast, and since they just "xfinitied" us, we're really sucking wind.     I crawled back to Verizon pleading for DSL and Home phone services and planned on going back to Direct TV, but now I'm told that since FiOS is all around us , we are no longer eligible for DSL or phone services?!?!   That stings, I had given up on FiOS a few years back, with family demand for bandwidth we tried the local company (pre-comcast)   UGH!!!   Hello wound, here's some salt for ya!!!



Is there anyone I can plead our case too, beg for a block of fiber to complete our streets run??    I can all but guarantee the entire street would switch over... especially considering the options available,  Jack and ... well you know the saying and the fact that Jack just left town!


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whoops, sorry.   Forgot to mention I'm in Stafford VA .    Living on Snow Meadow Lane, the side without FiOS !

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That is strange that they would not go down the entire street as it not that long of a stretch.  I am waiting for western Stafford to get FIOS.  They use to release which streets were next on the Verizon VA website, but now it just says coming soon.



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May just be an error in their database, unless you are sure they never pulled optical cable close to you.  You may have to call and have them check out your location.

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