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How to file a complaint about customer service at FIOS store

How to file a complaint about customer service at FIOS store

Contributor route95
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I had the misfortune to go to a FiOS store in person the other day and the person gave me the WORST customer service. He obviously had planned to leave the store early and was upset to see us come in 30 minutes before close (everything but the phones were turned off). He [edit]  that he couldn't help us and refused to answer questions. I got the supervisor's card to make a complaint but they failed to return my phone calls. What is another way to file a complaint about my experience? I work retail and food service so I know it's frustrating to have people come in before close, but there was no excuse for this employee's behavior. Thanks.

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Bronze Contributor II
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the quickest way is to just go to the store and ask for the manager again, I'm not sure if you can call an 800 number to get something down to management at a single store.

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Employee Emeritus
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I suggest using http://verizon.com/contactus


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i had the same experience today in the denville nj store.  drove 30 miles to return a defective modem in person to ensure it would be taken off my account.. and due to ironically poor service at starbucks i arrived there 7 minutes before closing and the door was already locked.  i knocked and they tried to wave me off saying they were closed... so i shouted thru the door that i had driven from south jersey to return this modem..


they finally let me in with major attitude and the guy had to apologize to the other woman employee saying i ';said' i had driven a long way and was not local.


i got thru it, but as i was leaving another guy came up and they just walked away without even responding to him. must be nice, i don't have that kind of luxury with my job, particularly in this economy.l

Contributor fiostvuser
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i also changed my phone number... and it turns out their billing systems are such garbage that when you do that you lose access to all bills from that point forward.  since the default is paperless billing, i also got no paper bill.  long story short, it took me a couple of weeks to figure out even after the horrible experience where i returned my modem (above) and got my receipt, fios still charged me $100 for their router that died and i returned.


they now claim they are removing the charge but it takes a few days to process. i'm sure. also got a crack from the fios rep about i SAY i have the receipt.  give me your address bright boy, i'll come shove it down your throat. **bleep**.


and by the way, after they manually fix your account after a phone number change so you can get your bill details online (o yes, it still knows what you owe, just loses the ability to document why), the bills prior to the phone number change then disappear forever. was it 10 or 20 bucks they spent on that system.

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