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I've been a verizon fios customer for about a yr now. I recently moved to the apt right next door over this passed weekend. I called Verizon in advance to let them know that I would be needed them to install within the next few days. We agreed to upgrade my package from double-play to triple play and that someone would be by Wednesday 7/24/13 between the hours of 9am-12pm. When I got installation last year, the guy came at 9am and left at 12:30pm and was great! This year it was a lot different...


I told my job that I would be coming in at 1pm, they were more then accommodating to my needs. Turns out that Wednesday morning, verizon was a no show. I called around 10:30am to see what was going on and the csr proceeded to tell me that the installer would be there between the hours of such. 12:00pm comes rolling around and still nothing. I call again and the csr got in touch with the installer, Donovan and told me he was held up at a previous job and that he would be there shortly. I'm trying to figure out why would he be scheduled for 2 morning installations if it takes 3-6hrs to complete? 


There was no way that I could miss a whole day of work so I had to call my partner that Donovan had not arrived yet and she then had to leave her place of work @ 1pm so that someone could be home for him to do his job. He did not arrive until 1:40pm and she actually saw him in his truck talking and laughing on his phone. She said she actually had to stop him from leaving our premises because it seemed as if he was leaving. He said he called the number on file and left a VM. She asked if he rang the buzzer or bell and he said no. He insisted on telling her he wasn't leaving but making a U-Turn to park... yeah, right. She told him that she had to leave her place of work and that I was going to be late to a job where I had missed half the day already and he tells her "Well, I'm here now." Not I'm sorry for the inconvenience or anything.


When he arrives at my door with my partner he greets me but I ignore him because I was too upset at the inconvenience and was aware of his attitude before he came upstairs. I just wanted him to get started. He proceeds to tell us what he plans on doing but he's talking 'cable guy' talk and we do not understand anything. We ask him to further elaborate in lemans terms but he still doesn't do a great job of explaining himself.


I leave for work but based on what my partner was telling me while I was away, the madness does not end...


She told me that Donovan randomly said "oh I thought she was hearing impaired..." She says "you thought my girlfriend was deaf.?!?" He says "yeah when I greeted her, she didn't reply." What's crazy is when I did not greet him when he first walked in, later he said "I tried to say Hi to you." and I told him " I know, I'm sorry I'm just really **bleep** right now." So he basically tried to insult me to my partner because he felt some type of way by me ignoring his greeting. How could I be deaf if we were talking afterwards about his installation? He then tells her, " I don't care though, I've been doing this for 26yrs it doesn't bother me." Obviously, it does if you're bringing it up again. 


Later he says he's getting a bottle of water and comes back up and just tells my partner "Do me a favor, put this in your freezer." There was no 'can you?' 'may I?' 'please' or 'thank you.' You just don't walk in someone house demanding things to be done for you. After that he then realizes that he is missing a part and needs someone else to bring it to him. On top of being late, rude and insulting, you're missing a part??? So in the mean time he was trying to do everything else around what he really needed to do. It was just the cable guy from hell. I'm pretty sure this may look exaggerated or a lot but I kid you not, being there was a lot worse. My partner felt uncomfortable in her own home with 2 men in there, her being 5'0" and all. 


When I got home she told me that Donovan said the TV would cut off and on and that it was normal. It did several times but I also saw that the channels I was subscribed to, I wasn't anymore so I had to call and fix that. My TV guide or info wouldn't pop up and I had to fix that as well. I was just annoyed and upset at the entire experience. We both lost out on work, I was insulted, the small convo my partner and Donovan shared she said was awkward and he was still very rude and obnoxious. On top of being late, missing parts and then having the customer call to fix their issues when I'm paying for a service where I shouldn't have to, just made me sick to my stomach. Don't get me wrong, I like verizon but this complaint was solely for Donovan and to make sure that when you guys specify a time for a customer that you abide by that time. Thank you.

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