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Improve Customer Service

Improve Customer Service

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Improve Customer Service

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Just had Extreme HD FIOS Triple installed on 7/25 and already giving serious thought to canceling. Never getting the same answer to a question is more than frustrating it’s ridiculous. I have 30 days to cancel without an ETF so we shall see.

1. Signed up on 7/11 with rep for new apt complex for $124.99 a month (by monthly credits for 12 or 18 months) with 2 year contract.

2. On 7/14 I got a flyer in the mail for the same exact package with the same monthly credits BUT included a $400 prepaid Visa card. I called that same day and was told that I was not eligible since I’d already signed up under a different promotion. Being disabled and living on a limited income that $400 would have been great for me and at least a month’s worth of groceries. But, no couldn’t get it.

3. Movers showed up too late on the 19th to allow time for me to be at the new place in time for new installation appointment that afternoon, so I called to cancel right away and asked for the soonest new date. The best I could get was 7/25. Essentially housebound I had no phone, no TV and no internet from very early on 7/19 through the afternoon of 7/25 was more than inconvenient. With all the flyers I get every week and all the ads for FIOS one would think you had enough installers to not have to wait a week. I’m just glad I had a cell phone to use in case of an emergency.

4. We got the whole house DVR as my son also lives with me and uses it a lot. I was told twice by two different people that if the DVR was in the living room he could record from his room. The installer said that it couldn’t be done when I asked again after everything was installed. I thought that would have been a simple, routine question. Apparently not.

5. When she activated the phone I was then told that I had to get a new phone number although I’d made it perfectly clear that I wanted/needed my old phone number ported from Comcast. It was explained to me that because the install did not occur on the 19th as planned and the Comcast equipment was returned and that account closed on 7/23 that porting was not possible at all due to the 2 day lapse in service. WTH? Not once did anyone every say anything about that being an issue when I scheduled the install for 7/25 and my twice daily calls to Verizon to see if an earlier date was available. Now I have to try to figure out every single person that had my old number to give them the new one since there isn’t even a message on the old number directing the caller to the new number. This is a huge inconvenience and I’m sure someone will get missed.

I can assure you that I have many things that are of bigger concern to me but, this is a top one and shouldn’t have been so difficult already. This is NOT good customer service, this is NO customer service. I may have well stayed with Comcast. I’m truly **bleep** and disgusted.

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