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Initial service order

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Initial service order

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I ordered Verizon internet and TV bundle on May 17, 2018, specifically having switched from COMCAST. The customer service agent reviewed the various plans, and we scheduled installation.  When I was told there was a $99 installation fee, I asked if there was any way that that could be waived, since I considered it a "dealbreaker" to switch from Comcast to Verizon.  The agent placed me on hold, said she would talk to her "supervisor," and got back on the phone with me.  She stated that the fee would be waived as a one-time courtesy. She ALSO stated that the monthly fee would apply for TWO YEARS.  After being satisfied with these "promises," I agreed to the installation and startup of service.  I do not recall having received an email confirming this, although I did call back after reviewing my bill and realizing that my name was misspelled.  I AGAIN CONFIRMED with that agent that there would be no installation fee or equipment charge.  Upon receiving my first bill, guess what?  There was an installation charge!  AND, the promised two-year monthly fee was only ONE year!  Why was I not surprised at this?  Why did I KNOW that I was probably being given a snow job?  I should have KNOWN that the verbal promise was bull and CANCELLED ON THE SPOT upon speaking with another customer service agent about it this morning.  The recent agent did the best he could to help and did mitigate the fee with a monthly discount, but that isn't the point.  The point is that I believe that the Verizon agent with whom I initially spoke was likely told by her supervisor, "just tell the customer whatever they want to hear to get the order."  Now I DO have to say that the installation representative went above and beyond for me with regard to installation, so I have no complaints there.  BUT, as I explained to the agent this morning, this does not bode well for the opinion that a new customer has of Verizon, and they'll be lucky if I don't get totally **bleep** for some other reason in the very near future and go back to Comcast.  I can tell ya this: it won't TAKE much for me to **bleep** off at this point!  Do yourself a favor and MAKE SURE to get ANY VERBAL PROMISE in writing via email, because evidently it's "not valid" unless it's confirmed by email.  Or at least that was the story the agent gave me this morning over the phone.  Ending on a more positive note, the agent this morning WAS courteous and did his best to explain things to me and to help me.  And it's a good thing he did, because I was just about to ready to tell him to have a representative come and get Verizon's equipment and whatever other crap was installed in my condo because I was already DONE with it!  LCB

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Re: Initial service order

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That is true of any deal. Always get details in writing.

You should get an email confirmation for any deal.

Keep in mind, that as a new customer, you typically have 30 days to cancel service with no penalty.

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