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MoCA ECB6200 and ECB5240M Ccompatibility

MoCA ECB6200 and ECB5240M Ccompatibility

Contributor Devils_Tower
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Registered: ‎01-05-2020
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I am new, first post here. I will be brief. I can share more details later if anyone is interested.


With the explosion of media in my house, I decided to upgrade my coax system to MoCA 2 and start using it. Clearing out wifi. I am not a FIOS person, not available here. I have fiber from the local telecom. I am signed up for the 60meg service. Higher available.


I have an edgerouter x driving  my wifi access point, local computers and so on, and have added 4 ECB6200S and 1 ECB5240M to  my 8 coax runs with correct splitters and all. Everything came up working. I was/am worried about comparability between ECB types. I have Roku on one port of the 5240 and all seems well. Tests to the 60mb limit of telecom. Have not done internal net speed tests (yet). Concern is the coax light on the 5240 is blinking with the ether net light. Far better than wifi speeds but...


1. Does anyone know if this is normal?


I found the bridge port and can see inside the 6200 and determine its MoCA settings. I have found but not figured out how to interstate the 5240 bridge port. All kinds of questions in this area.


2. Can anyone help here. Lots of complications.




Contributor Devils_Tower
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎01-05-2020
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To clarify,  wish I could edit post.


The problem is interrogating the bridge data on the 5240:


1. I can find the data in the 6200 by connecting directly to the ethernet port in the off line config. I do not know how to online. SNMP/MIB MAYBE?  What mechanism?????


2. The 5420 has a dhcp assigned port and I can log in online. However, no apparent way to see or modify bridge data. Can also log in directly thru the Ethernet port while off line.

Contributor Devils_Tower
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎01-05-2020
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Next thing I tried.


1. Set bridge address on 5240 from  to


2. Added fixed route in router to IP/MAC


3. On win7 ping, reported unreachable, but with reply. Never seen be For myself.


4. NMAP provided nothing useful




Somebody on here should no if 5240 coax lite should blink with bridge and Ethernet data at least.

Then there is how to dump bride statistics data. I want to use to look for hidden unknow splitters along with just knowing how to.....


Give me a sign that I am not wasting my time here.



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