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Moving Services from One Home to Another Takes 3 weeks or more.

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Moving Services from One Home to Another Takes 3 weeks or more.

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I just recently moved to a new home and prior to moving, I called Verizon to move my phone services from the old house to the new one.  After completion of the services I requested (very simple just give me a dial tone) for the new home, I was provided with a schedule date of 3 weeks from the date I called.  When I asked for the reason, I was told that there is a great demand for Verizon Fios and this will impact the time for them to get to me to setup service.  I told the customer service rep. that all of those people probably already have phones and why is there such a long wait time just to establish phone service at a new site.  Again, I was told of the high verizon fios demand.  On top of that, I called again to speak with an Escalation Specialist about my problem and Verizon gave me the runaround.  At first they asked a bunch of questions about why I needed to talk to an escalation specialist and then I was transferred only to be kept on hold for about 30 minutes.  Two days of this and I am still trying to understand from someone at Verizon why I have to be without a phone for 3 weeks.  This delay has delayed everything, security, cable (for messaging) you name it.  Verizon has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.  I hope that I dont have any problems with my phone service once it is installed.  Either way I am afraid with the terrible customer service and response time.  I will be jacked if I have any type of emergency.   This same scenario happened to a friend of mine and what was even worse a Verizon technician was next door and told my friend that he could not provide service to her or else he would be fired.  If a verizon technician is in the area what is the problem with providing service especially if he is right next door.  Makes no sense....Poor customer service.
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