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My Rewards+ Visa Card Question

My Rewards+ Visa Card Question

Copper Contributor eric212
Copper Contributor
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Hello, I recently used some of my rewards points and ordered a prepaid visa card for $25.00 I went to the website and activated the card and it should be all set to use.


I still have over 1000 points on my account and want to use points to add another $10 to the card, since it says in multiple places that it it "reloadable". When I go to redeem my points again it appears as though I am ordering a whole new card. If I already have a card will the new amount automatically be added to the balance on my existing card? Or do I have to get a whole new card for the $10? It took quite a while for me to receive the first card after I ordered it, so I would prefer to just have more money loaded to the same card, rather then wait for a 2nd card to come.


Can anyone shed some light on this for me?





Employee Employee
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Hi there, Eric!


That's a great question.  Yes, the card will reload with the points that you currently have once you redeem them.  You will not get another card.



Contributor BonitaP
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I can't even figure out how to post a question without it being a reply.

Anyway,  I also would like to reload my Visa.  When I add it to the cart I

get a message that says "for as little as 1000 points" but my only option

I can choose if $10 for 1100 points. ?

Contributor Clara
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There is no where on any forums where you can ask a question or start a new topic!!!

Anyway.... I have 2600 reward points. I was going to get the Verizon Visa Debit card. Since you have to have 1100 points to get a $10 card, I thought I could get two (2) cards. Is that possible? When I tried, I got a "warning" about only being able to get one (1) card. Do I get only one, then add the remaining points when I use the first one?

Maybe it's me, but it's very confusing.

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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This is mainly a peer to peer support foum.

To start a new thread in this forum , go here:


At the top of the message list is a button that says Enter New Message.

Click that and enter away.

As to your other question, I can't say for sure.

But I would assume you could use points to add to a card once you have it.

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