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My patience is running out…

My patience is running out…

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Dear Verizon and anyone else that was affected by the strike,


Since there is no specific place I can complain to, I’ll complain here.


I am a college student that moved to my first apartment at the beginning of August and as soon as I had a chance I scheduled service and was told to wait 2 weeks to have triple play with fios set up. Shortly after I scheduled service, the Verizon strike began and the date that I was supposed to get service came and passed. And like many others, I called Verizon every moment I had to check on the status of the strike and how it would affect my order. During the night of the day that my apartment was supposed to have service I was told that my order was canceled and that I must place a new order. The next day I began to attempt to reorder service… but no answer.


Finally, today, the first day Verizon is back to business and I call them to find out when I would have service. I was that I would have to make another appointment and wait another week!

I’m a student and classes start this week! I have been a loyal Verizon customer for 2 years and for my patience I have been rewarded with another week of waiting.


Needless to say, because of no home phone, each and every phone call made to Verizon was on my cell phone and in addition to the wait, I’m going to be billed up the wazoo for using too many minutes because of being on hold everyday for 40 min.


After all of the waiting and phone calls, I am left to ask:



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