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Network Extender

Contributor willyj
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Registered: ‎11-27-2009
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I am looking for editorial feedback.  Verizon charges a fee of $249.99 for a network extender in order to improve service within a residence.  The connectivity is back thru an ISP--not necessarily Verizon--because of Verizon's inferior signal strength.  This appears to be Verizon's way of adding infrastructure without paying for the capital equipment.  Any comments from the user community?

Contributor Barrister
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I would like to hear this answer also from anyone that has the extender. Does it work. I have sporatic service at my house depending where you are standing.

Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Is this a wireless extender, to expand wireless range?  


If that is teh case then that is not part of verizon's infrastructure.  Wireless is a tricky technology when it doesn't work properly, and there can be many interferer's causing low signal strength.  


All those interferers are a part of your house and the wireless environment in your house, which means it really should be your responsibility.    





FYI -  you can purchase a Wireless N router, and piggy back it to your verizon router's for MUCH less than 250.


Probably even under 100 bux, and depending where you shop under 50 dollars

Contributor rpruess
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   I have been using he Verizon Network Extender for my Blackberry Storm since last March.  The in house bars increased from one or none to five.  The only problem I have (and it is bothersome) is the time delay between when I speak and when the other person hears.  If you have a fast talker on the other end you are constantly stepping on each others words.  (The delay is like listening to a CNN reporter in Iraq talking with the CNN anchor back in the States.)


   The problem led me to put a land line phone back in my residence.  If anyone knows how to eliminate this time delay I would appreciate hearing it.  That would make this product perfect.

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