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No Loyalty for existing customers

No Loyalty for existing customers

Contributor gelf99
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Increasing my rates, decreasing my channel selection, and not willing to work with exsiting loyal customers... not a great way to do business verizon. I have no choice but look else where. You know old saying "its not you, its me" well in this case it is YOU verizon, you're losing a loyal customer


I am shocked at the way Verizon FIOS treats their existing and loyal customer. I've been a triple play bundle customer for nearly years and every time my contract was up for renewal they would offer some promotional discount or enhancement to my current service in an effort to keep me a customer. This time around was a completely opposite experience. A few months ago they've decided to remove HBO and Showtime from my TV package but my monthly price was not reduced to reflect the reduction of service. In fact few months prior to that my monthly bill actually increased out of nowhere. Seeing how I am currently out of contract I figured I'd just renew my contract to include a bundle with HBO and Showtime and this is when I was really surprised by the lack of customer appreciation. The triple play package verizon offered me cost more than what I am currently paying without a contract for the Exact same service. I tried explaining to the representative that it makes no sense to lock my self into a contract for more money especially when new customers are offered the exact same package for $75/mo less.


This is how verizon loses loyal, lomg time customers. What incentive do existing loyal customers have to stay with Fios when their competitors are offering much better rates and even worse Fios itself is offering much better rates to its new customer. Verizon refuses to listen to reason and are not willing to make any concession or effort to retain a loyal customer for over 10yrs.




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Welcome to the forums. You're talking to other customers here. Verizon does not contact people as a result of posts like yours. If you want to talk to Verizon, you need to call them.


New customer pricing is just that....for new customers. It shouldn't be a surprise that once the new customer pricing promo ends prices go up. Everyone knows this when they sign up.

If you think switching to another company you won't experience the same thing then you have been out of the loop.


You might be able to get a better deal from the retention specialists. When you call, go through the process to cancel service to be connected to them. Service won't be canceled until you actually talk to a person and they take your cancellation order. They are there to attempt to "save" your business. Make use of them.


Good Luck.

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All service providers offer better deals to existing customers.

They treat the initial loss as marketing dollars.

They know that a significant number of customers, once obtained, will not leave.

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@CRobGauth wrote:

All service providers offer better deals to existing customers.

They treat the initial loss as marketing dollars.

They know that a significant number of customers, once obtained, will not leave.

I think you meant “All service providers offer better deals to NEW customers”


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Try another cable service if you can.  I switched to Altice, and Im happy!!! Paying $50 less a month will make anyone happy.  Now Verizon is sending me emails and mails to switch back.  

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