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I have been unable to access the website to check the status of my visa rewards card. Is there a number that I can call to get that information? If the card is being processed, does anyone have a "guesstimate" of how long it should take to be delivered by UPS? Can someone please help me???? I have tried to access the site with FireFox and IE and when I enter all of the information, it does nothing!

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I finally found out that the website was down, but for some reason, I didn't get an error message when I tried to pull up the page. It was just completely blank.


Disclaimer: I figured this out on my own. I had no help from this forum.

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OK - Was I ripped off.   Or do we really get a reward.....   I cannot get into the Rewards site.

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Hi Donald -- Are you having trouble getting to the website or with the login process?  Let me know when you're able.  Thanks!

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How long does it usually take to get the rewards card? I had fios installed toward the end of May.I have not received mine yet. Does it normally take that long?

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I have gotten a huge run around.  could not access the rewards site.  there is no access from my verizon login page.  the phone operators are clueless and don't know about it.  I thinkg it is a scam and will be switching back to Time Warner.  I love FIOS but hate being lied to. 

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I checked and the site is live and loading without issue. Are you not able to log in? If so, have you tried the username and password help links?


If you're still having issues you should reach out to Verizon support.


Please be advised, due to a work stoppage, customer service agents may not be readily available. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


Here are links with all means to contact Verizon: The Chat link will load after the page is fully loaded.


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Donald I have tried and tried to get into the rewards web site as well with no luck. I have to tell you the switch from Time Warner Cable to Verizon has NOT  been all that great. I have was mislead by the salesmen from the start.  Was to receive a 200 rewards card find out it is only for 75 that did not even cover my early termination fees as promised to switch. I am paying the same for Verizon than I was for Time Warner for less channels.  A lot of unkep promises here...

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I have tried many times to access my reward status,  only answer is to try again later!!!! Later doesn't seem to work...

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Just a heads up for you guys not able to access the rewards page for some reason it only works in internet explorer.

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