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On a GOOD note: Positive praise for our installer!

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On a GOOD note: Positive praise for our installer!

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I'm a new FIOS customer, I made leap this week.  I have had a semi positive experience, let me explain:


You should know that I did work for FIOS' main competitor for 3 years.  I was in their technical support group.  I KNOW how a customer can get frustrated at reaching agents that have NOT A CLUE of what they are supporting, NOR do they go to the pains of finding out the correct answer and calling a customer back.  I DID!  I've been in Customer Service for (showing my age here) over 28 years now and the ONE thing I can say is I will always do my best for my customer.  They ARE #1 for any company and should be treated as such.


So, that being said.  I hemmed and hawed over getting rid of my old faithful.  I had the triple play....I have NEVER ONCE had a problem in the 12 years I have had the 'competitor'.  I changed out my boxes, but only because I WANTED to as they had new ones.  So one night I logged onto, the whole neighborhood of 600 houses just got access to FIOS and we were all talking about switching.  The prices where VERY appealing.  So I had a chat support agent who spent 1 1/2 hours with me as I decided what I wanted as the page for the channels didn't load up properly so I couldn't tell what package had what.  SO I ordered it!


And YES the competitor DID match the pricing for me at the end, even tossed in my DVR service for free for two years.  BUT, I thought I needed to give this new FIOS a whirl.


My tech came, Chris, he was SO very professional it made me take notice, so as I sat with my tablet and read a good book, he was busy at work in my utility room hooking us up....we had an MISH MASH or wiring down there, not to pleasing to the eye I might add.


So after 5 hours, he was completed, he checked EVERY tv in the house, showed me the remote, etc....logged my computer and my tablet on....all was awesome.  When I went to the room to see the hook up it was like CHRISTMAS!  It was soooo appealing...neat as a PIN!  He picked up after himself, he was delightful.  Even apologized as he wouldn't be able to avoid the possibility of tracking dirt in the house as he would have to be going in and problem.  I was sooo happy with this man!  He was everything a customer service/installer should be FIOS USE HIM AS A ROLE MODEL!


I'm not 100% sure of keeping our services as like most, I am experiencing issues and not sure if this will be a good fit for what I want/need.  BUT wanted to share my positive experience with you all!



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Re: On a GOOD note: Positive praise for our installer!

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Nice report on your experience, thanks for posting.


My experiences have been very similar. I first got FiOS internet and phone almost seven years ago now. Very professional installers (note the plural, two installers and a supervisor!), did a really neat job, took their time to do it right. When I decided to get TV service when it first became available in Sept. 2005, I got the same two guys (minus the supervisor), and again they were great, did things the way I asked them to, tested everything, explained everything.


Last year I decided to upgrade a couple of my STBs from SD to HD. Two of the three HD boxes I received were broken, I called and Verizon sent a guy out the next day. Absolutely the best!  He wound up replacing my ONT (local policy since mine was one of the very old original ones), replaced both of my non-DVR STBs (even though one was working just fine) after I accepted his offer for new QIP7100-P2 boxes, made sure everything worked, etc.


Now you said you are having some issues. Care to share with us? Maybe someone here can help, we have some really good customers here that know a bunch. It would be good though for you to ask for help in the appropriate topic areas here rather than putting them here (you also might want to do a little searching around the site first though, it is very likely that at least some of your questions have already been answered).


Anyway, welcome to FiOS, hope you wind up staying for a long time


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