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Ongoing problem for 6 months with little help. Horrible last call..

Ongoing problem for 6 months with little help. Horrible last call..

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I am writing here because I have lost all hope of ever fixing the problem and would like to let others know about the customer service I have received today. I have had Fios for 2 years 6 months. The problem started 6 months ago when I signed a contract to get a deal.  For the past 6 months I have been charged for HBO and Cinemax, yet I do not have those services. I have called in every month and talked to a supervisor that issues the credit and assures me that it will be fixed. They Issue the credit and a rock order and follow up is placed but nothing happens. I am again forced to call in every month and spend 1 hour repeating this story to the next customer service rep, then waiting for a supervisor to explain it to again. None of the previous reps or supervisors have been rude until today. 


Today was like every other time calling in, however the supervisor {edited for privacy}that I spoke to last month did not issue the credits for the prior 2 months as stated. Today I called in at 1:33 pm and I spoke with supervisor {edited for privacy} and explained the situation and that Vincent did not issue the credits and I need to have those fixed as well. Once the credits were placed there was a mysterious $8.64 balance left in the account. My payment has been the same every month, I pay early and have been instructed by the first supervisors I spoke with to pay the same amount every month. Floor supervisor Linda would not credit the $8.64 I did not owe. After about 30 minutes of talking to Linda I informed here that I would wait to speak with her supervisor. I was informed I would receive a call back. I declined as I have never received a call back by supervisors or anyone that says they are going to fix a problem. At about 2:45 pm {edited for privacy} answers the phone and begins explaining my bill. I tried to speak several times but was interrupted. She explained that I should pay the bill that I owe and I am responsible for. I explained my correct payment amount and that I have been instructed by supervisors to pay that amount. She continued to speak to me as if I were a child and did not know math. I continued to explain that I pay the amount I was instructed to pay and they have fixed it every month, why was now any different. This was too simple. After being abused on the phone and belittled she eventually came to the conclusion that my total paid was correct but she was going to document how they were talked to in my account and that I was snappy. I only informed them how frustrating it is to call every month. I also asked them how they would feel if they had to call in every month and spend over an hour on the phone fixing a problem they were promised would be fixed on every call. She continued to cut me off and stated she was not concerned with that.   I really hope this call was recorded because I have never been talked to so rudely by anyone in customer service. . Susie zeroed out my ballance and ended the call at 3:03 pm. 1 hour and 30 minutes. I am honestly very shaken up by the call and will never look at Verizon the same. 


I am most likely going to sign up with Bright House cable now as my conversation with {edited for privacy}really pushed me over the edge. I will probably pay 10 dollars a month more for the bright house but will not have to spend 1 hour a month on the phone. 

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We sent you a message on our private support board to assist you and we did not receive a response.  Please repost the issue if you are still experiencing a problem so that we may assist you.  Tonya D.

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