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Policy Disputes

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I just received an e-mail on your Policy dispute procedure. I think it sucks to say the least.  If your customer service folks cannot resolve a dispute to the customers satisfaction without taking these measures then it is time for me and others that agree with me to look elsewhere for service.  I truly have never heard of a company taking such measures when it comes to serving a customer base that without one you would not have a company to make stupid policies such as this one!!!!!

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On July 12, 2012 I called Verizon and told them I wanted to get rid of my TV service and only have landlines phone and internet. And I said I did not want ANYTHING with a contract. She said fine,  On July 28, 2012 (my contract that I have now expires on July 18th or the 20th 2012 (depending on who you ask at Verizon) we can drop your TV service and get 50/25 internet service and basic telephone service for $79.99. Then she said there will be a recording of what we spoke about (and I told her at least 5 times NO contract) and I should say "yes" and the end of the recording, I asked again, "no contract, right?"  she said there will be no contract. So I listened to the recording which said that if I say YES I will be bound to a 2 year contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said "NO" She gets back on the line and tells me that even though that is what the recording said, I really would NOT be bound to a contract. But since I would not agree to say yes, she would put in a "ticket" and someone would call me in the next few days.  I waited and waited. No one called. Then on July 16th or 17 2012 I called Verizon again. I was told nothing was put through. Now I spent another hour on the phone trying to figure out what kind of service I could get without a contract , dropping my TV service and getting internet and basic phone service. This time I was told It would be $99.99 for 25/25 internet service (it may have even been a slower service) and basic phone. I got a confirmation number and I told the guy I wanted to talk to a supervisor to file a complaint about the girl who lied to me before. I talked to the supervisor and asked for a corporate number, they don't have those, but I can go online and go to Verizon/terms/disputes (go ahead and try it, I sure could not get it to work. Now it is July 21, 2012. My TV service is still on, nothing has been changed. So I called again, I told the person on the phone I want to talk to a supervisor, he said "no". I hung up and called back, told the person that I am really upset (I know he could tell it in my voice. I told him I want to talk to a supervisor, he asked me how he could help me, I told him it was obvious that he could not and I want to talk to a supervisor after some time arguing with me he got me to a supervisor and since, last time the supervisor was NO help with anything, I told this supervisor I want to talk with HIS supervisor. After being on hold for about 10 minutes, he got back on the line and asked me for my phone number because the supervisor was  busy at this moment. I left my number. This was about 10:30am, now it is close to 4:00 pm, no one has called me yet. This company is the pits. If I would have asked for an addition to my services, I guarantee you that it would have gotten through July 12th. Now I am going to get rid of ALL of their services as soon as I am able to research, my best options. They have cost meat least 180 minutes  not to mention the hours it has kept me from doing my work. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and I live on a major highway and have a business and tomorrow I will be making a BIG sign to put along the HIGHWAY telling people to "Stay Away From VERIZON" Come in if you would like to talk to me about it.

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