Poor Tech Support

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Poor Tech Support

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1.  Tech support is is very poor.  Partly because they go through protocols that have nothing to do with the problem, and also they generally speak very poor English (especially if you call at night or weekends.


2.  Repeated problems with Westell seem to be cropping up... this is not a hardware problem if you FINALLY get a tech who knows what they are doing.  It only took me 4 months and dozens of calls.


3.  Tech support reports problems solved when they are not.... I've received several 8AM calls telling me my problem is fixed when it is NOT!


4.  Tech support managers promise you anything just to get you off the phone, and then.... no follow-up!


5.  I am very disappointed with Verizon's use of foreign speaking tech support people, and more importantly that after hours on the phone with them and several calls for the same problem they still don't know how to fix problems.  They ALWAYS try and say it's a problem on the line... I've had numerous problems connecting to the internet and they go through the SAME "did you, did you, did you?" routine.


6.  If you FINALLY get a tech that listens to the actual problem you get help... but it's a chore calling, and calling until maybe after 5 or 6 or 10 calls you get someone who speaks English and knows how to go directly to the problem.


7.  I wish Verizon would read these posts and the "customer service" surveys they send.  According to dispatchers and repair personnel the above problems are commone and result in unnecessary troubleshooting repair appointments and really mad customers.

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Re: Poor Tech Support

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I think everyone that has experienced what you went through would agree with you wholeheartly...Myself included.  


Would you like to tell us what your dealing with and we'll see if we can set this right?

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Re: Poor Tech Support

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This is an excerpt from a letter I recently sent Verizon about a customer service nightmare:


Before FiOS became available in my community, several friends who had switched from Comcast to Verizon sang the praises of FiOS but said that Verizon Customer Service left a lot to be desired. When the opportunity finally arose, I switched to FiOS, figuring Verizon’s Customer Service could not be much worse than Comcast’s. Well, it is.

When I recently discovered that my Verizon Security Suite package did not include anti-virus protection, I got on the phone to try to fix the problem. I called the technical support number, and in a two-hour period, I was directed three times to Verizon Wireless support and two times to Verizon TV support. All five operators offered to transfer me to FiOS Internet support. Three of those transfers went to busy signals, and one went to the voicemail of an office that was not open. The other transfer, by a woman named “Lee” or “Leigh,” went to a DiGiorno’s Pizza coupon hotline! When I dialed the number she gave me in case we got disconnected, it was indeed the pizza coupon number.

I did not want to go through the long tech support menu for a sixth time, so I tried the online chat option. I got a notice that the wait would be eight minutes. After two minutes, I was told the wait would be 31 minutes. After another minute, I was told the wait would be 42 minutes. I gave up on online chatting.

In desperation, called the number on the back of my first Verizon bill,  The first time, I was directed to Verizon Wireless. The second time, providing the same information, I got someone who gave me a number for something called “VISS Support.” I dialed it, and got a busy signal. The third time, again providing the same information, I finally got a man with a thick accent who offered to help. We tried various options for twenty minutes, but nothing seemed to work. He then put me on hold. Five minutes later, he returned with these options: uninstall and reinstall Verizon Security Suite or use another security service. Considering the problems I had with Verizon Customer Service, I chose the latter and immediately installed McAfee, which I got free through Comcast. I’ll have to pay for it, but I won’t have to deal with Verizon if something goes wrong.

This whole process took a total of three hours, and it ended with Verizon unable to help me. If anyone asks me how I like FiOS, I will tell them the TV picture is great and the internet is fast, but Verizon Customer Service is a nightmare.


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