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Price of FIOS TV and Internet bundle after one year

The site says the TV and Internet bundle is $74.99/month for the first year.. I am curious as to how much it is a month after the first year, any help? Thanks!

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Re: Price of FIOS TV and Internet bundle after one year

I started out with the triple bundle (internet, tv, and landline) for $99 a month for one year. I do not recall my monthly bill increasing all that much the second year but I am now up to $175.00 per month and I just received a letter this week that it is increasing another $10 per month. On top of all that, Verizon can pull channels from your line-up and your bill still remains the same. I have lost a few channels that I really liked but my bill still goes up and up. I am only in my third year and am seriously considering going back to Comcast. I do like the Verizon internet but I think Comcast has a better TV package.


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