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Problems with newest webmail and opening links in the email

Problems with newest webmail and opening links in the email

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With the latest webmail (not basic version), I've noticed when I click on a link in an email, it opens the new page right in the preview pane within email rather than opening a new browswer window.  For example, I just had an email from a retailer.  I clicked the "shop now" to check on some sale prices.  The retailer's website opened up in the preview pane in email.   I could click "more detalis" on the preview window to make the page bigger, and can also right click on the preview pane and select "open in new window", but I can never get back to viewing the orginal email content.  If I double click on the mail in the item list, I just see the retailer's site in the preview.   Does anyone know of a way to set "open links in new window" as a default?  
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I have tried to replicate your problem in both IE and FF and can't. When I click on a link in an email in the rich webmail client the link is opened in another window (IE) or tab (FF) in both browsers. What browser are you using? I am using IE 7 and Firefox 3.0.7.


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Thank you Justin for your response.  Sorry for the delay in responding.   I have been unable to log in to my forum account since the first time even though I'd verified my user name, reset the password (everything I could think of).   Many hours (literally) on hold with almost every support department at Verizon hasn't resolved the login problem...so I've created a new username with my other email address.   I know that creating a new account probably isn't the kosher solution, but my frustration level with Verizon phone suport on this has gone over the top as no one department seems to claim any knowledge of how to help with forum issues and passes me off to somewhere else.  


I am using IE 7.0.   I only have the problem when I am viewing my emails via the Verizon webmail.  When I download the emails to Outlook on my desktop, there are no problems.   In webmail, if I have an email showing in the preview pane that has links and I click on that email (in the preview pane), the linked website opens and I can't close it or do anything else.   I can't even switch to viewing other emails in my inbox in the preview pane.      I can right click on the email showing in the preview pane and select to open in a new window, but if I left click the link activates right there in the preview pane.

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Mine opens a new browser window.  You can always try a right click on the link  & select open in new window, though that does't always work either.
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