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Return Shipping Label

Return Shipping Label

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My laptop lost internet access to my modem "supposedly". I was on the phone with tech support on two occassions where they walked me through trying to get access (by the way, laptop showed full connectivity to the modem, just NO INTERNET ACCESS. After the failed tech attempts, verizon told me my modem must be defective and would send me a new one (at a cost of course of like $2.50/month). They specifically told me a return pre-paid shipping lable would be in the box to return my old modem. If I didnt return the old modem they would charge me for it. Box came, NO SHIPPING LABEL included, hooked up modem.........still couldnt get access....after a long night of googling my problem I somehow managed to fix the problem myself. Regardless of the old modem apparently not being the problem at all (did I mention my fiance's laptop worked just fine internet wise this whole time, on the same modem?) I have called Verizon twice now to get the return shipping label for the old modem. "We will email it right away" NOTHING. What am I suppose to do? If it shows up on my bill, I have no problem reporting this entire situation to the BBB. I have gone through recent posts on this same subject and cannot believe the lack of professionalism to others same situation. Do they think I will just give up and not try to send it back and just pay for the old modem? Thats a sad way to really screw people over.

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I'm sorry to hear about your recent issue. The Verizon Forums is a peer-to-peer support channel in which users help other users. Because your issue appears to need account specific assistance from Verizon, I've copied your message to an employee monitored board, where a Verizon representative can assist you. You will be contacted by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account as soon as possible.

Thank you for your participation in the Verizon Forums!


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I also am having a problem with a shipping label. I disconnected my Tv Service and was told by the woman who assisted me, while disconnecting that labels would be mailed to our home. Yesterday, I received a call stating I was going to be charged for the equipment if it is not returned. Today, I called 800-837-4966 for assistance. After jumping through hoops, I finally get a real person that says, hear is the number to get shipping labels. I call the number given, 800-693-3660 and it is a law office. So now I will call AGAIN and try to get this straightened out. Very time consuming.


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Can I return my equipment to a UPS office?
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can you help me? I've been trying to get another copy of the return shipping label for this equipment, spent 30min on the text help line and no help at all... how can it be this difficult? I just need another copy of what Verizon has already sent me!


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