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Service Unavailable... Make Available?

Service Unavailable... Make Available?

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Im not totally sure where this would go.


But I  would like to have Verizon Fios and TV service, but they are not availble in my development. I believe they are avaible literally 1000 ft away in other areas by me.

My developement is about 6 streets with 250-300 townhouse (est) and about 200 business suites. I would think this is a great area for Verizon to be competitive against other providers. I have Comcast, but the only other services available are satellite.


Is there anyone to contact or email to see if it would be cost effective/profitable to run service to my hom?




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Running fiber has to go through various legal levels and zoning laws. I'm sure you'll see it available soon, but I'm not sure if VZW will be able to give you an exact time frame. It's worth inquiring about though, since in some cases they can give you a good idea of when to expect it..
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Here is a link to a Verizon site with some contacts for getting service. It appears it is more for developers, etc, but it might provide a starting point:




Is there a property owners association or something like that that controls your development? If so they may have signed an agreement with Comcast that will prevent other providers from coming in. And even if they haven't signed an exclusivity agreement, they may very well need to be the folks who work up an agreement with Verizon.


Anyway, good luck, I hope you can get FiOS, I have had it for well over three years and I am a very happy user, FWTW.


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