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Someone hacked my email account

Someone hacked my email account

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I know who this person is, they hacked both an old AOL email address I used to have, and my verizon email. Since this came to light today, I have changed my password (I usually keep the same, simple password for everything, they must have figured it out).


Should my next step be contacting the police? This I intend to do tomorrow as soon as I can.


Thus undividual has been harassing me non-stop for months, and has also stolen from me. We have been waiting to address some of this until a small claims court case (us suing them for stolen items) was over with. That has now happened.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi SunlitLady,


Your best course of action is to contact your local police and ask that the case be referred to the Internet Crimes Unit of the FBI -- or, if your local police department has a CyberCrimes unit, file the complaint with them.


Best of luck



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Thank you KaLin! This has already been reported to the FBI as well as our local Sheriff's Department.


It was interesting to note that today I went back in to take a look at my webmail here through Verizon and, keeping in mind that I have NEVER ONCE viewed any email whatsoever from Verizon's webmail, there were numerous messages showing as "already read". These messages all fall into one category and deal with only specific subject matter than I suspect the hacking individual would be interested in.


Another question, if I may? Does Verizon have the capability to track IP addresses which log into individual accounts? This individual also has Verizon Online DSL services, however I assume her IP address will be entirely different than mine, and we both have static IP addresses. Therefore, the *other* IP address logging into my account (or attempting to log into my account after I changed my password) should possibly be available, correct? And if so, I presume this would be incriminating evidence against this hacker.


Thanks again.

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