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Suspending account and moving. No solution?

Suspending account and moving. No solution?

Contributor christojag
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I have been a loyal and happy customer of Verizon for many years. I have sold my home and am searching for a new apartment to move in to. In the meantime, I am living with friends. I was hoping to suspend my service and transfer it to my new apartment when I find one. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be possible.


Friday, Jan 31st, my service will be disconnected. The customer service agent was not able to suspend my account while I search for a new apartment, even though I was more than happy to pay the monthly suspension fees. Apparently it is not possible to have my service disconnected from my previous home address and suspended.


Not only will I lose my account/number/etc., but I will be charged the early termination fee of $90, even though Verizon has no solution for me; a very disappointing way to end what had been a very positive experience.


Part of the criteria for my new home was that they have Verizon service. I'll remove that criteria now.


Has anyone had experience or know of any solution?  I can't believe that this situation hasn't happened to someone before...





Contributor nickux
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I am currently experiencing this same problem.


Your story is consistent with what the rep told me today, except my cancellation fee is $210.


It is absolutely ridiculous that there is no solution for this. We must be the only 2 people in Verizon's world that have this need.


A year and a half later and still no solution Verizon?

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Copied from another post:  I've used it for vacation hold, there is a one time charge of $25 I believe to activate it.

So try to use this to suspend service while you find new apartment then transfer the service afterwards.


Vacation holds need to be done on the phone so they can verify who you are. Doing it online can be problematic if there's some sort of security breach. Just talk to billing, tell them what's up and they should be able to mark your account for vacation.


Verizon offers Seasonal Service Suspension to customers who will be away from their homes for an extended period of time.To qualify you must suspend your FiOS services for at least one month but not more than nine months.

There is a fee charged to temporarily suspend your FiOS services. To suspend your FiOS TV service for an extended timeframe and find fee information, contact us at 1-888-553-1555 for further assistance.

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