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Tell VZ What You Think Is Fair

Tell VZ What You Think Is Fair

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There have been a fair number of threads expressing dissatisfaction that new customers seem to get all the good deals, and that loyal customers get nothing. New customers in many businesses get special deals as inducement, but then become just another customer, no longer new. For example: how long have you had your car, and are you getting free spark plugs for life? Not likely. I have written before elsewhere on these forums that I understand this inducement process, but also think loyalty should have a reward too. Here is a chance for all Loyal Customers to speak up: if you could design a Loyalty Reward Program, what would you want? Here's a start, and maybe with enough suggestions, the moderators might pass along some of the ideas:


   Tenure                                                                               Reward

2 years, after first contract                                              $10/month off next contract renewal

4 years                                                                             $15/month off next contract renewal

5 years                                                                             One free premium service (eg HBO)

7 years                                                                             Free DVR for life

10 years                                                                           Free upgrade to next highest tier of service


You get the idea. What do you suggest? And please - serious thoughts only.

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I really don't get it.  Loyal customers do not get nothing if they renew their contracts like I just did and I know I am not the only one who is getting rewards for having done that like the $250 pre-paid debit card, discounts, and upgraded service for a lower bill in the end and a rate that I can lock in for the next 2 years.  My point is this probably won't happen if you stay on a month to month contract where the rates can go up whenever just like with the cable.  In fact, I am already getting 2 $10 discounts (one for renewing my contract on line and another for loyalty I think) and if I didn't want the pre-paid debit card, I could have chosen a free year's subscription to HBO or Cinemax. 


I don't know how much more this can be clarified. 


And seriously...Is the real complaint about not having a free DVR for life and/or $89.99 per month like a new customer gets? 


I really don't comprehend some of the complaints posted here.  It seems to me like misinformation is part of the problem because this has been communicated poorly.

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I guess I wasn't clear about my original post. I have also noticed a number of complaints that people want some sort of loyalty reward. Although I have personally been satisfied with any bargaining I have done regarding my own account, my intent was to provide an opportunity for those not happy to offer what they thought might be a meaningful loyalty reward program. Many will complain about something, yet not offer any solution. I simply thought it might be constructive, if not entertaining, to see what such a program might look like when designed by those who feel thusly maligned. I should have been more clear in my description.

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But what you're proposing is very much the same as the rewards that are already available for those of us who renew our contracts, minus this expectation of the free DVR for life.  A corporation like Verizon is not going to maintain its profit margin if it gives out new customer incentives to existing customers, I'm sorry to say.  Think about it.  It just doesn't make sense. 


I think the rewards I'm getting are great and I find it hard to believe how despite all of that, some people are still complaining.  The good rewards that are already there for loyalty along with a quality product is a pretty darn good combination if you ask me.  Try getting all of that from the cable companies.


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That was precisely the point to the exercise, to point out that such rewards might already be available. I was simply curious to see what dissatisfied customers might consider to be an acceptable reward, and then compare that to the reality of the business model. There was some tongue-in-cheek in my original thought, but my inability to adequately express my intent has tainted this now futile effort.

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It's OK.  I understand now.  What exactly do people propose if they think that the existing rewards are not enough?


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are you a real human being or a verizon social bot?

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aphdes wrote:

are you a real human being or a verizon social bot?

Everyone in this thread so far is (as far as I know) a real human being. Not sure what "verizon social bot" you might be referring to, but Verizon employees are identified as such by their Avatar and Status.

If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer as Accepted Solution so others can see the solution to the problem.

"All knowledge is worth having."
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I understand perks to lure in new "customers"  and some offers are better than others.  Fine, it's a way of doing business and has been so for as long as there has been commerce.  But "free for life" is NOT a perk.  A perk is a temporary inducement and is usually a temporary reduction in cost, or a gimmee of something NOT an essential part of the product (like a free real tire or mud-flaps, or 10 free fill-ups when buying a car, or a free one-time upgrade to first-class when flying). "Free DVR for a year" (or 2 ) is indeed a good perk.  So are the introductory rate offers.  But that rate goes up to the same rate existing customers pay at the end of the perk period, however their DVR is still free so they are paying at least 20% less every month (depending on the bundle).   "Free DVR for life" is a permanent reduction in the fees for service.  A permanent reduction SHOULD be for all customers.  Let's put it this way:  you've been shopping at the same grocery store for years.  You find out that NEW customers are being offered their groceries at 20% less "for life."  I don't think many would call that fair.  Nor would many consider it fair if a different utility slashed it's rate for life only for new customers either.  When you make an offer "for life" it is no longer just a perk, it's a price cut.  And as for charging rental for the boxes and the remotes, that's rather like charging a tenant 20% more if they want a key to unlock their door. The boxes should be included in the price for all or for none, not selectively applied.

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As to your loyalty reward tier, I think it looks really good, and quite fair.  I signed up for FiOs even before it was available in our area, and I like the content and quality (especially now that we've finally been able to afford an HD TV), and have been very satisfied with the tech service the few times we've needed it.  I don't really need a loyalty reward as long as the level of service stays as good as it has been.  My complaint is simply that their current perk of giving for free something that is essential to using their product only to new customers is not acceptable.  Give them a free year of premium content or a free year of on-demand or (as was our offer) a free DVR for one year (with a contract), but making that permanent is just not right.  There is now, in effect, a double pricing scheme for the same service.  If your neighbor is a new customer and you are an existing one, your neighbor will pay at least 20% less than you for the same service FOR LIFE . That is a real problem.

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