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Terrible Customer Service Experience and Misinformation

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Terrible Customer Service Experience and Misinformation

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Since early November I have been trying to get my FIOS TV, Internet, and home phone transferred from my apartment to my new home.  According the Verizon website all three services are available.   I was originally scheduled to have everything installed on December 5th (which 2 weeks after my move) because Verizon indicated that was the earliest they could put the service in do to my neighborhood being new.  I called to verify the date and installation for the 5th a few days ago and was told everything was confirmed for the 5th.  Two days ago I called to add some receivers to my order for my additional TVs in my new home.  The representative had trouble adding the addtional equipment to the order and said he would have to cancel that order and start a new order.  I told him that was fine as long as my installation date of December 5th would not change because I had taken time off of work that I could not take back and had to have them come out on the 5th.  I was assured that there would be no change in my installation date.  After trying to add the equipment to the new order the rep said that he would transfer me to someone who could finalize everything.  I was then transferred to another representative (who I had to explain my whole situation  to AGAIN).  She assured me that she could help me.  I again indicated that I needed the installation date to be on the 5th.  She added the equipment and proceeded to tell me that the date was pushed out until December 28th.  I objected strongly and insisted that my installation date not change.  After a heated exchange I demanded to speak to a superviser (which was refused).  The rep put me on hold for several minutes only to come back to say that her supervisor had said that she would expedite my installation to December 5th and would personally call me to confirm.  However, I was told that I had to complete the order for the 28th to get things in "the system" before they could change it to the 5th. I agreed only to hear back from the rep via phone (not the supervisor) later that evening indicating that they were still working on it.  Not satisfied with the non-answer, I have call back several times and spoken to multiple other reps who have all given me different versions service availability ("checking with the engineering department to see what's available in your area"), and being promised to expedite my installation date to the 5th.  I even got promised another personal phone call from a rep in Maryland the following day confirming that they could install my phone and internet on the 5th, but that I would have to wait until a later date for the TV  - to which I agreed.  Not receiving a call yesterday, I called again and was told by yet another rep that he would work on it and call me Saturday. 


This is completely unacceptable!  Let me sum up the long paragraph above.  I ordered your bundled service for 2 years.  I have been a loyal Verizon customer for MANY years.  You promise me an installation date that fits my schedule only to completley screw me over on that date when I want to add addtional equipment to my service (of which will ultimately bring you more money).  All thanks to an inept, inadequate customer service system, and complete lack of understanding from your sales staff on what is available in the field.



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Re: Terrible Customer Service Experience and Misinformation

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@NotHappy410 wrote:

Yes, it is.  Thank you for your help.  You can close this out.

It was our pleasure to help out getting this taken care of. Anytime you need assistance please make a post so we can assist further.


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