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Thoughts on fairness

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Thoughts on fairness

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*sigh* OK first time ever posting here. but I'd liek to get an opinion if any are will ing to give. I recently had a situation with versizon that's was just an utter mess and I'd like verizon to properly clean up.


So here's the back story:

Not to long befor verizon went on strike. I had ordered Fios. I originaly wanted to get phone and internet but one of thier reps told me that my number can't be poted over and I would lose my current number. So I said fine then I'll do tv and internet instead. ok great put the order in and then Boom.. Strike.


So I wait and finaly strike is over and they eventully come to install my fios. the guy comes (very cool guy btw) and he sets me up with tv and internet. great! life is good.


Then not to long after, one day I'm at work and realized I needed to ask my mother something. so I call the house ( she's retired so she's always home anyway)  phone is ringing and ringing. and I'm like......what happend to the answering machine? So I hall her cell and ask her is house phone ringing. she says no. yet the phone is ringing in my ear on my office desk phone. Sooo I call tech support and I'm like yea what's going on? turns out they switched my number to go over Fios, and I'm like..... but I thought they said they couldn't port my number? they guy is like I dunno who told you that.  fine.... what ever. so I say well ok sis it's going over the fiber anyway then I guess ya may as well hookit up to the house and I'll just deal with having all 3 services. so they do what ever thy do and they send another tech to connect the phone back. ok great life is good again.


2-3 months pass. all is still good and I'm pleased with service.


Then one day mom calls me at work frm her cell. " the house has no phone"  she tells me all the phones are dead. and I'm like huh? casue I know I payed the phone bill like the week before. in fact it's set to auot pay. anyway I call tech support FOR FIOS (I specify for a reason) and I'm like ummmmmmm what's going on? I give them my info and they say oh we can't really help you casue your not registered as having phone service with fios.


???????????????????????????????? but.............. I've been making and getting phone calls over fiber for the past 2-3 months what do you mean I have no service with FIOS?????????????????????????  (did i mention that at this point I no longer have copper to my house casue the tech cut it when he reconected phone to house)


so the tech are baffled as to where my number is gone and I'm a bit miffed casue as I stated earlier, I don't want to lose my number. The had my number with the right address but to some complete strangeres name. and I'm like yo.... I ....don't... want... to number. guy can't figure it out says they can't help casue they only have fios stuff I'd need to contact billing. Fine. they send me over I tlk to some lady and she tries to figure it out and has not a darn clue what the hell happened how it started or what like a runnawar freight train this situation is going. So she says here's what we'll do. re-add the phone like as if it was a new order changing it from double play with phone to plain tripple play. I said works for me. great she said she was going to get aomeone out by end of week wich would have been the 9th of december. (gods this is a lot of typing) The 9th came..... and the tech didn't. I get TWO emails at the same time one saying the 14th and another saying the 20th.


Meanwhile, family members are worrying and my mom has to use her cell to keep in contact with people. My mom has like 5 numbers in her phone and just about barely uses it. let me put it this way, the phone would be dead sitting on her dresser for  months and still paying the basic fee. but people are calling.


SO, I call on the 12th to find out what happened to the guy on the 9th and they're like oh a tech was supposed to be out there today... well...... no body came.  then the 14th  as in my email comes and passes. I call again and I'm like ok who.... is not talking to who? they dunno. and NOW... they make appointment for the 21st. so the 20th email I figured was out of the question.


So it's now the 21st I go to work, come home, no tech came.  I this time I get on the support chat. and reexplain the situation. guy is like hold on he's gonna check into it. I sit and twidle my thumbs for a bit.. he comes back says hold on again I'm like ok.... more thumb twiddling. then he asks have I chaked my phone ( I did prior to this chat with him to make sure) lo and behole my phone was on! I was a happy man then I caught my self and I was like.......... you mean they could have fixed this from the office the whole **bleep** time? and he's like basiclly. So two weeks of head ache for someting that could have been fixed in 10 mins. 


And the funny part,  2 house later a tech shows up. and I explain to him they fixed it and the whole runn around they gave me and he's like Yea,... they do that. he's be in the middle of a job and the office would call and be like yea we got it.


the painfull part. becasue of an avalance pr people pressing the OOPS button at verizon My mother now has a 500 dollar cell phone bill to pay while Verizon played "I declare war" with thier thumbs.


While I'm gratefull they waved this months bill...... it would be nice if the completly cleared the situation and deal with my moms bill as well. =\


Thoughts? I'm a wrong for asking this? Is it fair in asking this? I called billing to speak to a manager about it but unfortunatly it was the holiday and they were going to call me back.... which they didn't =\ .


Anyway, feedback please?

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Re: Thoughts on fairness

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Hi Aikagi000

Sorry you are having difficulty, an agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or help you resolve your issue.

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