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Time Warner: Metered/Capped Internet Serivce, paying by the GB.

Time Warner: Metered/Capped Internet Serivce, paying by the GB.

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 Time Warner is now monitoring and cappng Internet Usage. New pricing and new plans are now in place. This will be a major downfall for TimeWarner. It is utter nonsense especially implementing this during and economic crisis. Who is going to pay 1$ per GB, with a 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 40GB a month plan? Movies, Games, Applications consume enormous amounts of space. 8 to 15GB. These new metered plans are nothing new, countries like Australia have metered ISP's, if you go over the limit, you pay the price. Horrible, expensive and very unfortunate.


My experience with Verizon services have been EXCELLENT. Never had a single problem. I'm in Florida and even after 5 Hurricanes hit the state, I awlays had internet[FiOS] and backup power.


Verizon, I ask that you please Do Not take the same route as Time Warner. Your services, products, availability and pricing are beyond amazing. Internet has always been Unlimited here in the USA and it should stay that way.


Only one question remains, Will Verizon take the same route as Time Warner? or will you all stay on your current path?



Good day.


Source: BusinessWeek




"Web users, the meter is running. In a strategy that's likely to rankle consumers but be copied by competitors, Time Warner Cable (TWC) is pressing ahead with a plan to charge Internet customers based on how much Web data they consume. Starting next month, the company will introduce tiered pricing in several markets.

In the case of Time Warner Cable, customers will be charged from $29.95 to $54.90 a month, based on data consumption and desired connection speed. Customers will be charged $1 for each gigabyte (GB) over their plan's cap. Time Warner Cable offers four cap levels of 5, 10, 20, and 40 GB. A download of a high-definition movie typically eats up about 8 GB. A recent report from Sanford C. Bernstein suggests that a family on the 40 GB plan that streams 7.25 hours of online video a week (a fraction of the 60 hours Americans spend watching TV in a week) could end up spending $200 per month on broadband usage fees. And that's just for video viewing, before factoring in such Internet activities as music downloads and photo sharing. "To put it mildly," says Bernstein analyst Craig Moffett, "the decision to limit data consumption can be expected to have profound implications for [consumer] behavior."

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From what I understand - TWC has implemented four tiers for internet services.


 "Road Runner Lite".. running at around $29.99/mo (i think)

Then you have "Regular" which is around $34.99/mo

then Turbo which is around $39.99

then you have the turbo boost. around $49.99


I may be wrong on prices, but you get the gist 🙂


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Yes, but if you read the article, about four states have already introduced this to their customers. Not good. North Carolina is now in the process of switching over.
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Does anyone even realize the affect of metered bandwidth usage throughout the US? Internet is heavily relied upon these days, you can't get a job without it, college, work, emergencies, the list goes on and on and on.
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I think it is their way of trying to turn the interent into a money pit like cell service. Hey I hope no companies start charging by the minute.
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This time in 50 years will be looked at just like we look back in the 50's and laugh at when people scoffed at the idea of computers being used as primary data input tools, paying to mail a letter. It's all relative. Nothing is ever going to go down in price or stay the same. This is only logical.
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