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Tree Removal

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Dear Sirs:


To Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, Southern California Edison

Dear Sirs:

The purpose of this letter is to inform each of your organizations that a problem exists with a nearly dead tree in the back area of my residence at {edited for privacy} which is going to possibly detrimentally affect this neighborhood and surrounding condos by breaking your lines.

I do not know whose lines will be affected but I do know that some of your lines are intertwined and touching this tree and when this tree falls (and it will), it will affect the neighborhood.        .

I have contacted representatives of possibly affected companies but no action has been taken as of this time.

I would urge your maintenance people (individually or collectively) to resolve this problem immediately as I believe the tree may be falling down in the next few weeks if we have any significant winds.

{edited for privacy}Thank you,

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Hello kesa63


This is a peer to peer support forum. You cannot reach Verizon through this venue.  The only thing we can suggest is to contact the company again, however you got in touch the last time.

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Quess who is responsible for Tree removal.. You. 


They have the right to trim trees that may effect their lines, but no obligation to do so or to remove trees.

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Removing a dying tree: Who bears the cost?



First: Where is the tree? If it is on your father's property, he will likely be responsible for the tree removal cost all by his lonesome. But if the tree straddles the property lines, then the neighbor is a co-owner and is responsible for sharing the cost of upkeep and removal if necessary.


Also: Who will be affected if tree falls? Owners are expected to protect their property when they can. But how about power lines and telephone lines? Is it possible that the tree might fall on a city sidewalk or street? In such situations, help might be available from the city or the local utility company.


It's good that you're taking steps to deal with the problem, because this tree may pose one lollapalooza of an expense it it falls on a house -- well over the $4,500 quoted in removal costs. An owner who knows the tree might fall will likely still get some relief from insurance for damages caused, but in some cases the owner could also lose the homeowners' insurance. Also, if the tree damages someone else's property or injures someone, and your father knew that danger was imminent, he could be held responsible for compensating the injured party.


When money is a big factor, it may be worth trying mediation. It has a way of enforcing creative solutions that courts might not divine. For example, your dad's neighbor might be willing to foot the bill and be paid back in installments over time.

For more information, check out the following: Trees and Neighbors FAQBoundaries and Neighbors FAQ, and Nolo'sMediation area. If you still have questions, consider purchasing Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries & Noise.

Most utilities don't offer tree trimming services, they will remove their lines if it's not intertwined and they have to remove limbs and branches to do so. 


You might want to contact the local city and see if they have such a service, otherwise it looks like you have to take care of the dying tree first and then get the utilities out there.   just at a glance. 

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