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Vacation hold for phone and internet

Vacation hold for phone and internet

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I am so disappointed that Verizon does not have a site to go on that will just state the requirements to put your phone and computer on hold for vacation. I don't want to complete a transaction, I just want to know the regulations. It is not possible. I went to live chat and they cannot answer my question either. What a shame
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Vacation holds need to be done on the phone so they can verify who you are. Doing it online can be problematic if there's some sort of security breach. Just talk to billing, tell them what's up and they should be able to mark your account for vacation. They should also be able to explain it to you before you do ask about it.


Otherwise, there's always these forums and DSLReports where this has been detailed before. I did find this for you though!


Verizon offers Seasonal Service Suspension to customers who will be away from their homes for an extended period of time.To qualify you must suspend your FiOS services for at least one month but not more than nine months.

There is a fee charged to temporarily suspend your FiOS services. To suspend your FiOS TV service for an extended timeframe and find fee information, contact us at 1-888-553-1555 for further assistance.

When you plan on returning contact us with the date and will restore the FiOS services on the date given


It is for Fiber service, but I imagine the same ideas apply to the copper services.

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I have FiOS triple play.  I would like to put the phone and tv on vacation hold, but keep the internet service because I now have a home monitoring service that uses the internet connection.


Can that be done?  If not what might be my other options?




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Can I stop service for 6 weeks in the fall, come home, leave again from Jan to May every year

while we travel south.. or can it only be Oct. to May.

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winstoncar wrote:

Can I stop service for 6 weeks in the fall, come home, leave again from Jan to May every year

while we travel south.. or can it only be Oct. to May.

Any time of the year.  As said at least one month and up to 9 months.  Can do multiple times (I think needs to be active a month each time).  A fee each time.  Some things like Federal fees continue during suspencion (I get a $.08 charge for a federal fee even during my suspension).  I flip my two homes regularly so one is on suspension at all times.

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I agree if we can pay our bills online and do other services like add features easily, why cannot something like removal of services be done online?



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Do you pay a fee to reactive it when you take it off hold?

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No fee when you come off Vacation Hold.

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