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Verizon Divides and Conquers Dissent

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Verizon Divides and Conquers Dissent

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I probably shouldn't do this, but I need to vent:


First, the good news: I wanted the FIOS package. I got it. It has all of the features that I could have hoped for, and it should have been a joy.


Now, the bad news: everything about it has been frustrating because, Verizon seems to be a bureaucracy built around the same fundamental principles as the DMV, or local government.


Before I rant any further, let me say that at no time have I found a support person to be unhelpful or rude or disengaged from my problems. In fact, they seem to have a general rule: If you get through to a live person they just do whatever you want, if they can do it, and move on. Almost as if they know that it isn't worth arguing.


My problems have been as follows:


1. System installed. The day of installation service is down in the neighborhood. It took the technician 4 hours to get that information and he is talking to his own people at the company. 


2. System needs constant rebooting of set-top boxes. Why? No one can tell me.


3. I have been on automatic billing through BofA for years now. Not a problem. Once I had FIOS installed, previously I only had a landline, they didn't get the first bill right, and they never managed to get a bill through to me for the first two months. The bill finally comes through last week, I pay it, and it is over $300 because, they are backed up on their billing of me. I go home today, and they have disconnected me. Everything. Nothing works!


4. They disconnect me, and once I get through to someone, and it is obvious that it is their mistake, they reconnect me except it takes 24 hours for everything to get back up.


The system is just one giant black hole that sucks you in, and if one thing goes down, everything goes down.


BUT, try getting through online: I have a Masters in telecommunications, and have worked in online support for over 8 years, setting up web sites, and teams. I can't figure out how their website is supposed to be useful. I


Try calling: I can't figure out how you are supposed to address a single problem because, nothing that happens to my package is in isolation. That's how Verizon sold it!


BUT, they won't support it.


So, the DMV has people who are just plain mean working the phones and counters. Verizon doesn't. 


However, the DMV is a more efficient organization, and their website works about a million times better than Verizon. 


How does that even happen?!!


And, ultimately, the consumer gets screwed. We pay over the odds because of the company's mismanagement. That's all it is. If the company got its act together, we'd probably end up with a flat $20 a month for everything and it would still be profitable.


They can't be that inefficient by accident. Can they?

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Re: Verizon Divides and Conquers Dissent

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I have not had any issues with my service. I had FiOS internet for almost a year and when the TV was offered I jumped on for all three services. The service has worked exactly as advertised for me.


The problem I am having is that since I had the phone and TV added in November of 2008 I have had to call in every month because my bill has been incorrect.


Today I called in because they billed me for a service that was supposed to be free for 30 days. I saw the charge was too high on my new monthly bill. There were also late fees that should not have been on my bill. I spoke to one rep and they took the charge off for the service that was supposed to be free. i advised them that there were also two late charges on my bill when I had paid the bill on time. She tells me how much I now owe. Great. She transferred me to another rep.


The second rep could only find one late charge that was on my bill. Ok fine. They took that off. He tells me how much I should now owe. Except it is more than the first person I talked to.


So now the internet gives me one price I owe and I have two other verbals from reps telling me two completely different amounts that I owe. How do I figure out how to pay my bill when two employees of the same company can't even figure out what I owe? They were both nice and both professional. I am sure it is not their fault. My billing has been screwed up ever since they tried to charge me for an internet router that I already had.


I feel your frustration. Good luck. Maybe we can get all this straightened out before its time to give up and switch providers. i love the service but I don't need the stress from the screwy billing.

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Re: Verizon Divides and Conquers Dissent

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APPLAUSE!!! APPLAUSE!! I am GLAd somebody has the GUTS to finally speak out!!!! I am just appauled by the LIES Verizon tells. For years I have been listening to their advertising and now I get to experience what they are really like how they treat their customers DISGUSTING...it is time we stop sugar-coating it....and tell the truth..RUN they LIE they LIE!!!!
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