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Contributor Lovescats0315
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Registered: ‎08-05-2012
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Their games package is the main reason I still have Verizon services. But with all the trouble I keep having with it, the games are not enough anymore. My service sucks, I can;t get Fios, and I pay entirely too much for internet and phone alone!!!!!!! Does anyone else have any problems with their games?

Contributor allie77
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Registered: ‎03-17-2013
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can anyone tell me if they are having compatiable issues with verizon player windows 8  since i got windows 8 i can no longer play the games  any suggestions would be greatly appreciate it

Contributor Artofkicking
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Registered: ‎09-11-2013
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  I have tried everything possible.I  Went from wireless to wired. Then I set up my ip address and dns servers. Next I opened the gaming ports and set my ip addesses to ones which have a ping of 7ms. Several other tweaks were made after countless hours of study on the subject. But to my surprise this ultra fast internet service still is crappy for gaming. It seems no matter what I do I always seem to get foreign lobbies which have ridiculous lag. Even when I am lucky enough to get an American group I still suffer stupid amounts of lagging which ultimately gets me killed in mw3, black ops, etc...


  To make matters even worse the channels I get (mid level) are all crap and are loaded with commercials (why do I pay for commercials?) I think it is time to go back to cox internet. I might as well pay $40 less  a month for them since I have found after trying higher speeds and more channels I didn't gain anything but a higher bill. In fact the phone service even **bleep** off the wife since she has to dial the **bleep** area code for even local calls. How stupid is that?


  All in all it has turned out to be a lost cause with verizon. I am turning in my equipment (which cost more per month than cox and is necessary even to watch local programming) and going back to cox internet.


One last thing all though it is not available where I live the people who seem to have the least problems with lag are on turner internet.

Contributor bonniebeau
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Registered: ‎12-07-2014
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YES!  I have always had a problem with Verizon Games, especially if I have not been on for a month or so.  Keeps signing me in as Guest! 

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