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Verizon e-center: does anyone EVER answer???

Verizon e-center: does anyone EVER answer???

Copper Contributor Lestwist45
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Cablevision will gave you the same problem on phoning the call center.In Newport News,Va before Cox came over is why Cablevision is not in Hampton roads area no more.
Contributor LarryParker
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If any of you dear brothers & sisters saw how my "My Verizon" behaved, you would understand why they never answer their phone.  The one time I got them on the phone about my "My Verizon" they claimed it was all a billing problem and immediately transferred me to the Billing Department, who promptly apologized profusely for the ecenter's behavior and then assured me it was indeed their problem.  When I actually got a chat window up that actually let me into a chat, the lady I was chatting with told me that my Verizon.com problem was a FIOS problem and she was only handling ecenter problems!  That was a worse denial than I ever heard from any politician!  When I finally got a billing person to look at my account, they assured me that the old phone number I had disconnected a month and a half ago was no longer associated with me on their files, and it was only on the www22.verizon.com "My Verizon" account that it was still associated with me.  My problem, btw, stemmed from the fact that the website wouldn't let me remove that number.  Any way, she said it should be removable once the first billing cycle posts a bill, in a few days.
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Contributor millerw57
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please write back to me and give me information about what you are talking about when you say you are under the 30 day window for your order as a new customer.  Did you cancel your bundles.  I am having the WORST time with them!  Want to cancel but unsure about what my rights are.  Betty
Contributor crizchun
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@badmessanger wrote:
Are you trying to call the E-center or regular tech support?? E-Center's # is 877 500-5209 they handle all Verizon.com issues billing ect.. Problems with Verizon.net issue need to go to tech support. DSL customers call 800.567.6789. Fios customers call 888 553-1555....I don't like the automated systems either but do your best.....


Also, if you're looking for ONE-BILL    (877) 214-4572

also, a long wait "All representatives are busy at this time, please wait on the line and the call will be answered in the order it was received"

Copper Contributor phillyphone
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You are certainly correct about Verizon's e-center. You can wait on hold forever and no one will ever answer. If you have a problem with Verizon's on-line services the other thing is that no other department of their customer service  will help you. As soon as you mention anything about doing something on line they will transfer you to the e-center where no one ever answers. I guess from their point of view they probably have online services so that everything is automated and they don't have to pay any actual people to be involved. However verizon should realize that there are such things as on line problems and glitches and they have to have someone to actually answer the phone and give tech support for these kinds of issues.
Contributor kmt
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My experience has been the same.  I didn't think it is possible for a company to have worse customer service than Verizon.  
Copper Contributor Harles
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 To all - I am sorry for your experiences, I would be just as frustrated. This may help with those who are being misdirected to the eCenter:

--If you are having problems with your Verizon.com account, most likely that situation should be handled by the eCenter.

--If you are having problems with your Verizon.net account, in most cases it should be handled by Verizon Online Tech support for DSL (800-567-6789)  or the Fiber Solutions Center for FiOS (888-553-1555).



WMJohn - This sounds as though you are trying to log into a Single Sign On application rather than a Verizon.com account - Unfortunately it sounds like you have been misdirected by the consultant. If the email is asking you to agree to the FiOS Bundle Terms, I would recommend contacting Fiber Solutions Center at 888-553-1555 and request that they reset your Verizon Online password (If they are confused at all, mention resetting the password in CSR Tools).


This will provide our Customer Service Analyst with a temporary password that is good for 24 hours, and you can use that to reset the password to one of your own liking.




Kelldore - I understand your frustration, but I want you to be aware of the grace period in the FiOS Bundle Terms. Which state are you in? For West Coast Region (CA, OR, WA), and South states (TX, FL, SC), the grace period to waive the FiOS Bundle Early Termination Fee after installation is 15 days, not 30.

See the Terms and Conditions for the FiOS Bundles here. 

"Except as described in this paragraph 5.C. and in Section 6 below, the Early Termination Fee will not apply if you cancel any (or all) Services within 15 days after you have all Services in your FiOS Bundle installed."




I hope that this has been helpful for anyone.


Quality Support/Internal Help Desk South/West Area
Consumer Sales and Solutions Center


Verizon Telecom.

Information in this post is believed to be true. However, tarriffs and documented regulations and/or policies that state otherwise will overpower any information in this document.

Contributor speedygonzales
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This is frustrating. It is impossible to reach the e-Center (877 500-5209). I've called them many times but nobody ever answers. I was once on hold for more than an hour. Before I signed up, Verizon reps told me the set-top boxes were free for a year, but I never got the free period.  Verizon Customer service won't help either because they say the e-Center is a different department.  It definitely is the worst customer service I've ever experienced.
Contributor kello
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Does anyone have a phone number for the E=center? I was sent there and got lost in the "HOLD" mode. Thx! Kello
Contributor Silent8
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I can't believe it, but after hours of aggravation I can finally answer, YES! It may have had more to do with luck than with anything I did, but here's the somewhat abbreviated story (this was a lot of phone calls and a LOT of hours) in case it can help anyone else.


For several months I've been trying to pay my bill online with a card that expired in March. I'd follow the directions to change the year of expiration and after submitting the information three times, always got a runtime error message. This time I wanted to resolve the issue. I called their regular contact number for NJ (800-837-4966) several times, only to be on hold and then told I had to talk with the eCenter. One CSR gave me the number to the eCenter (877-500-5209) and I was on hold there quite a few times, and they NEVER dump your call even after they close. Another CSR told me that wasn't the correct number (two others said it was.) I had a "chat" online with the wrong department who didn't bother referring to what I had written explaining the situation. I tried the Tech phone number but, no, they're only for Verizon.net and I'm with Verizon. com. During the hours I was on hold I researched Verizon's customer service rep : ( which is how I found this forum : ). I even tried calling Verizon HQ in NYC (on hold for a few minutes and dumped) and their Basking Ridge facility because if the eCenter was at either of those two places, I was prepared to go there in person. So I decided on a new strategy.


I figured that maybe if I made a compelling argument to a CSR at the regular Verizon contact number I would stand a better chance getting through to the eCenter. That's what happened but, again, I don't if it was because my plan worked or I just got lucky after many attempts over two weeks. I called the regular contact number and explained that I wasn't going to pay my bill until I could pay it the way I wanted to (credit as debit card online).  Regina was VERY sympathetic and stayed on the line with me for the first ten minutes of what was an hour on hold with the eCenter. She encouraged me to stay on the line even though she had to get off with me to take other calls. That is the ONLY reason why I was willing to stay on hold yet again for the hour. This time someone actually answered. Pam was very also very nice and stayed with me for the duration. Did the eCenter fix the programming error that prevents changing the expiration date? No, not with me, so maybe that's still a problem. But I did delete all the information and reenter it, this time with the updated expiration date, and it worked even though it's ridiculous to have to reenter all the data. (I had asked a CSR in billing and payment if I should do that, but billing and payment has no idea about payment online, and I wouldn't do it on my own because years ago I did it with another company and couldn't access my account for a week and all phone calls, being on hold, etc.)


So yes, someone did answer the eCenter phone and she was very nice, empathetic and helpful. {please keep it relevant}  At the end of the call I asked her to pass it along to the powers-that-be that the eCenter has a reputation of just about the worst customer service there can be. Wonder if they care...


Good luck!

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