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Verizon email and window resizing

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Verizon email and window resizing

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Has anyone else noticed that for the past few days, when you click on a link within an email in Verizon webmail, that the window that opens seems not to retrieve the size of the previous window opened (outside of VZ webmail), and is "restored down" to a size similar to that of the webmail display (minus the ad region on the right hand side), even though the last window opened (outside of VZ webmail) was maximized?   If so, does anyone have a way to remedy or get around it?  (I prefer to see only one window at a time on my screen, so I maximize whenever possible, and find it really annoying that I must do so everytime I click on a link in an email.   It should be MY choice, not Verizon's!)


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Re: Verizon email and window resizing

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I haven't noticed anything but a simple way to fix it is to use MS Outlook (or express), Windows Mail or Macmail.  That way you download the emails onto your computer in a program that runs on your computer.  You control everything.  If something did change on the website, it is Verizon's website and they have full control over it. 


I would suggest if this keeps bothering you to try one of the programs listed above.  If you have Windows you should have Outlook Express (or Windows Mail).  I think Macmail is self explanatory.


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