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Verizon's Run Around With the "Activation Charge"

Verizon's Run Around With the "Activation Charge"

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So I called in about a million times since the build was completed for verizon fios.  I was told each week that I would be contacted when it was going to be available.  I received 0 calls for 2 months.


Fast-forward 2 months later and I call in just to see if it was finally activated by the engineers (whatever that means).  Turns out, it became available.  Clue number 1 that verizons account note system is a complete failure.


So i ordered the ultimate bundle with the fastest speed available under 100mbs, with every premium channel.  I didn’t order online because I was being charged a "pick your own area code" fee, which doesn't make any sense as I picked the only area code in my area. 


So i am on the phone, speaking to the rep. He wasn’t pushing a sale since I already knew what i wanted, after all I am the one that called them.  I told him the issue showing up and he told me that i would not be charged that or ANY OTHER FEE because of the bundle that i selected.  Perfect, that is what i was expecting anyway since the accounts i helped my friends set up charged both activation and installation fees because they did not select the Ultimate TV package.


So 2 days before install, i get the mock bill that shows not only the Activation fee, but also the pick your own area code.  I call in, tell them the mistake, and was told that the bill is an estimation and that they would not appear on the actual bill.


Fast forward 1 month, i get the bill, and both of the charges are still there.  Talked to a rep no more than 5 minutes ago and was told that i was told that i would be charged these fees. 


Now sure, the activation fee would make sense except that I was told it would be waived.  The pick your own area code makes 0 sense either.  The rep told me I had no notes on my account.  They claim they could do nothing about it, and obviously put me on hold for a good 20 minutes.  My phone was on charge and next to my laptop, speaker phone makes it very easy for me to do other things until someone responds.


So, dealing with Verizon billing is always a headache.  Never trust a phone rep from this company.  I am going to reduce my internet speed next year to avoid any issues and make back every penny of the bogus activation and pick your own area fee that i am being charged.  I don't get why Verizon doesn't understand they stand to lose more money from me because of it.  I do not need 75mbs down, but i got it cause i wouldn't be charged the fee and I'd generally be happy with it.  Will anyone in my family notice when it jumps down to 50mbs?  Most certainly not, and I may just keep it there. 


So even if the 50mbs costs only $10 less a month (I’m sure its somewhere between $15-25), I will save at least $120 in the course of a year.  Subtract that $75 in bogus fees, and Verizon stands to lose at least $45 from me. 


If they were smart and waived the fee like they said, they would, essentially, be up $45.  Math tells you to do the smart thing, stick with your word, and waive what you told me you would waive.


Yea yea, user forum bla bla.  I'm hoping someone from Verizon see's this and understands that customers know the value Verizon services have to them better than Verizon does.  One way or another, I am not going to pay something I was told I did not have to.  One method is going to take a phone call next year and Verizon will lose $45.  The other would have been taken care of with the phone call i made today if the company was smart enough to waive the fees.




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Hi ZP703,

Please go to your profile page for the forum by clicking on your name, and look at the top of the middle column where you will find an area titled "My Private Support Cases". There you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis, as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.

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Based on your last response in your private thread, we'll be closing your case for the time being. If you wish to continue pursuing a satisfactory resolution for this issue, please reach out to us again here and we'll be glad to continue working for you.


Thank you again for contacting us,



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