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Verizon selling CA, FL, TX Services to Frontier

Verizon selling CA, FL, TX Services to Frontier

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We're all gonna love this part of Frontier: https://frontier.com/docs/docs/fbfairaccesspolicy(adc-revision).pdf
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WHY???  I have FiOS here in Texas and have been perfectly happy.  Now they are dumping us to one of the worst Internet providers in the country!  And with very little warning or notice.   Thanks Verizon, you just screwed over a lot of customers.   Now I'll be switching to another provider.  I was perfectly happy, having FiOS with 150/150 speeds and have had no problems. We will see how this goes come April 1st but from what I have read all over the Internet, it doesn't look good. 

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 Basically it says Frontier broadband service is limited by usage caps, but it doesn't say what the caps are or if they are at all related to the type of service you have. It is also not clear when this posting was made, if it is still applicable, or what options there may be. 


What it does say is you can buy "get out of jail" tokens that allow you to exceed your caps, but how this actually works is not stated. I did a Google search on "Frontier restore tokens",  but the results were not particularly informative.  Apparently the tokens originiated with Hughes service, which (apparently) Frontier took over.  Most of the postings about this were old. So the whole situation is quite unclear.


I'm going to post a question abotu "Restore Tokens" on the meetfrontier,com website and see what sort of response I get.


Edit: well all that did was get me a list of other unrelated questions. I'll try an online chat tomorrow.

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this is further down in that document...have you called it?
Restore Tokens can be purchased and added to your account by calling a Customer
Service Agent at 877-451-1801
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Plenty of notice about this in other sources.  And, If you notice. this thread is over a year old.  True only saw info in snail mail about a month ago.


The info about California, Florida and Texas moving their email to AOL earlier than the rest was also a big hint.

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Very interesting....


I had an online chat with a Frontier rep just now and he explained that the usage caps etc. apply only to Frontier customers who have satellite service. This makes sense becuase Frontier did purchase the old Hughes service back when Hughes was supplying Interent servic e to end users.


So usage caps is one issue we won't have to deal with.

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Yeah, I have reservations about this myself. I've been with FIOs for years now, best services I found, next to no outages, speed greater then what I pay for. I've read alot of bad reviews with Frontier. I siged up fro Verizon, not them. I have 3 more months on my contract then it might just be time to move along.

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Frontier sent us an e-mail saying that we're going to be switched over to their services next month, and I've heard nothing good at all about them. I've heard that they have tech support that doesn't even know what Ethernet is, that they sometimes allow outages to go on for months, and that they try to get away with double-billing people every month.


They even claim that we're expected to honor any contract with have with Verizon, even though Verizon won't actually be providing service here anymore. So now I'm trying to decide whether it's worth the ETF just to avoid doing business with Frontier. My only other option is Time Warner, but I've read so many horror stories about Frontier that they actually sound worse than any of the four "legitimate" ISPs like Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, or Time Warner.


However, they said that the date of the change over is April 1st... so I'm wondering if it's supposed to be an April Fool's joke. Kind of a suspicious date to pick.


I mean, if this is real, then why would I be hearing about it for the first time from Frontier? Why didn't Verizon say anything to us about this?



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Sounds like Verizon's support.


For a while, I used to utilize both Verizon DSL and Frontier DSL. Verizon DSL has generally been the better performer, although that has changed in recent years. Frontier DSL has not always been the best performer, but it was down far less than Verizon DSL was, I had less of an issue with buffer bloat or MTU overhead (thanks to PPPoA), and their tech support was always willing to dispatch a tech / create trouble tickets BEFORE Sending modems if I reported throughput less than half of my rated circuit. The one thing Frontier never fixed, prior to me disconnecting my DSL with them due to non-use, was the night time congestion issue. although it has since been a few years, I'm sure that's fixed.


Overall, though, Frontier treated me well. It sounds like so far the network cutovers have been going fairly smooth, with a few small hiccups. I know areas like California and Miami have been problem areas for Verizon in regards to network congestion, so hopefully Frontier's network changes help for the best.

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Based on my chat with Frontier today, there will not be speed data caps for TX FiOS internet customers.

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