stink again at CS

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For the 8th time in 2 years you ahve managed to screw up a CS moment.


So I dial in today to get a 99.00 dollar charge off of my bill that was your fault and I get the run around. Here is my story.


I live in Virginia and have Fios and Internet in my home.  I am military so I move around a lot so I have a Georgia area code VZW network phone as well as the rest of my family. So I call into the queu and do not enter a phone number as advised by Verizon and then after it asks me to enter a phone number associated with my Fios account I enter it.  Well I got Indiana CS first then she transfered me to Virginia.  After discussing the wrong charge on my bill with Ms. Jones and she is fixing it I get transfered to some high speed technical service department.  **bleep**?  So explain to the tech that I need to get back to Virginia Fios section........wait ...... wait...  Then I am connected with Florida (who doesn't have Fios)......**bleep** moment #2.  After another explanation to Florida that I need to get to Virginia Fios I get transferred to........ wait for it...... wait for it...... California. **bleep** moment #3........ Finally I am back in touch with Virginia Fios and was not pleased at all.  Well the original CS rep in Virginia has my account locked out so she cannot help me either.  After 45 minutes (again) chasing my tale around I have gotten nowhere but I am waiting on a call back some time today.



Like I said this is the 8th time in 2 years at this address I have had similar situations.  I have followed all of the differing advice of each CS rep that I get to no avail.  I know it is of little concern to VZ but I spend roughly 320.00 a month between VZW and Fios and I demand better service than this.  I tried email and chat but when it comes to the billing you have to talk to someone.


Come on Multi-million dollar a year VZ...... GET IT RIGHT..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: stink again at CS

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GM Mr. Baker,  I guess your asking if you can communicate to the billing dept. through a chat, if that's your? Since you don't have home phone service with us the best way to get to your local billing dept. is by entering your can be reach # when prompted after dialing 800-688-2880.  I do apologize but please let us know if you have any other technical issue we can help you with.





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