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WORST Service EVER!!!!!

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WORST Service EVER!!!!!

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We signed up for the Version FIOS triple play - phone, TV and internet almost a year ago.  This is the WORST service EVER!!!!!  As said by the previous poster, it took us almost a month to get our phone issue worked out.  For the first 3 weeks we could not get incoming calls.  We called Verizon every day - and after being on hold for over 20 minutes each time, we were repeatedly told it was not Verizon's fault.  We also had issues with our TV for months.  The TV randomly turns off.  Each time we called for technical support - again being on hold for over 20 minutes they would simply reset the cable box over the phone.  AFter about 2 months and 20-30 instances of this we requested a new box.  They told us we would have to pay for a new box.  So, we have to pay for them to replace their defective equipment??!?!?!?  Over the past 11 months we have had one billing issue after another.  Again, each time we call to get it right, we are on hold forever only to be bounced to different departments all claiming it's not their area.  We finally gave up resigned to the fact that we were stuck with their horrible service for the year of our contract.  The cable service was fine for a few months...but the issues have started up again.  Just in the past 24 hours, the TV has turned off for no reason in the middle of a show 6 times!  6 times in 24 hours!!!!!  I called to find out the exact ending date of my contract...and surprise I was only on hold for about 12 minutes.  We can finally cancel this terrible service on October 28 and I am counting down the days!!!!! 


If you do not yet have Verizon - DON'T get it!!!!!  I have never had these issue with any other cable/internet provider.  I cannot wait to get back to Comcast!!!!!

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Re: WORST Service EVER!!!!!

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I switched to Verizon because I need reliable internet service, something Comcast couldn't provide. But the customer service at Verizon is just horrible. Their web site tells me I owe nothing, or that I owe for two months of service depending on which page you look at, and the human being I FINALLY got to speak to after nearly two hours on the phone has no idea whether I paid my bill last month or not because the billing department does not have access to current billing information.

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Re: WORST Service EVER!!!!!

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I hate dealing with customer service in any capacity at Verizon, however ... our DSL service has been fawless.  I like the DSL. Zero complaints, since I never have to call them about it - thank GOODNESS!Smiley Wink

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Re: WORST Service EVER!!!!!

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The Verizon "Welcome Back" program is so bad it would be comical, if it wasn't really a tragedy. They have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE whatsover. You CANNOT GET ANYONE ACCOUNTABLE ON THE LINE. They left our company without service for and entire business day and then went home at 5PM! Do they understand what it means to be a small business? Apparently not.


Buyer Beware!


To big to fail? Verizon is is too big to be a reliable carrier. Absolutely the worst business mistake I've made in 15 years of business. Can't wait to get back to a smaller boutique carrier who at least answers the phone and wants you business,


BTW- The Verizon salesmen that call you are not even Verizon employees. They are subcontractors and will vanish as soon as you subscribe.



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Re: WORST Service EVER!!!!!

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I AGREE - Verizon has the WORST customer service of any company I have ever dealt with, public or private.  HOWEVER, everything revovles around taking calls from those who are queued up to cancel their service.



My advice is if you threaten to cancel, DO IT no matter what they promise.  You will regret it later if you let them sweet-talk you.

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Re: WORST Service EVER!!!!!

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I am a new victim of the FIOS hype and JUST WISH I HAD READ THIS TYPE OF INFO before begging for FIOS to replace my cable!  I work with the technical side of FTTH and have never see these kinds of problems with my customers (and Nope I do not live in an area serviced by the equipment I design).


Good luck to all of you who escape from FIOS HECK {keeping it clean} - I wish you a better life with fewer worries on the outside...

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