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Wasps nest in Verizon FIOS equipment

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Wasps nest in Verizon FIOS equipment

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I have Verizon equipment exposed to the outdoors. Noticed a wasp entering the box through a hole in  the bottom.  Is it okay to use a wasp spray  - will need to spray into the equipment area?  Not sure if this would interfere with any wiring or other parts. Thanks. 

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Re: Wasps nest in Verizon FIOS equipment

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Call VZ 1800-8374966 repair tech will go out to remove, And yes you can spray Wasps spray if there are not to many

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Re: Wasps nest in Verizon FIOS equipment

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I would avoid spraying anything that might be conductive into the ONT. Have a technician come out if you are unsure of the spray potentially causing harm to the ONT. If it's at the top of the ONT and there's no metal/lights/jacks, it should be just fine to open up and spray. If it's near any of the connectors, have a tech remove it so they don't try to blame you for breaking an ONT in case the worst does happen. If you're creative, you could probably find a way to make the Wasps leave the ONT or kill them slowly to avoid using the spray Smiley Happy


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