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Ways for Verizon to stay in business

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Ways for Verizon to stay in business

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First idea would be to create equipment that works appropriately. I understand there are problems sometimes, so when that does happen, the second idea would be to have a customer service team that knows what they are doing to assist me with my problems.


I have had WAY too many issues with my internet device and cell phones. I continue to receive replacements that are inferior and do not enjoy spending hours at a time to try to resolve my issues.  I have better things to do with my time.




Your "VERY satisfied", loyal customer


P.S. I would like the corporate office to contact me at {edited for privacy} with a phone number and a supervisor to speak to.

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Re: Ways for Verizon to stay in business

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I don't blame verizon as much as motorola who makes the boxes. I have a moto droid2 and it's as glitchy as my stb.

what is wrong with your equipment? possibly findna local fios store and do a personal exchange?

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Re: Ways for Verizon to stay in business

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This board is for Verizon landline service. You can reach the Verizon Wireless message board at 


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Re: Ways for Verizon to stay in business

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I have personally found that the equipment Verizon uses is pretty solid on FiOS. The core issues that tend to prop up are always software related. Consider:


ActionTec GEN1/GEN2/GEN3 router NAT Table issues

ActionTec UPnP/mDNS/DLNA issues

Set Top Boxes and HDMI Output in older IMG releases

Verizon In-Home Agent bugging out systems

ONTs having a limit to the amount of Static IPs assignable to devices, requiring a software upgrade



None of what I have mentioned above seme to be hardware related. I run a dinosaur FiOS router on my DSL connection. An ActionTec MI424WR Rev. D. It has DD-WRT on it and happens to be rock solid regardless of the load I throw at it. According ot DD-WRT it's pretty beefy of a router, especially for it's time. Couldn't really find 532Mhz CPUs in a SOHO router unless you happened to build one from old computer parts or you paid money for a Small Business router from the "big boys"


On the DSL network? Consider:


Walled Garden on the Verizon Firmware

Westell 7500s having issues with establishing PPP sessions

DNS Clients on the modems misbehaving when certain requests are issued to them

Incompatibility with settings being used on some ATM switches and the Juniper ERX series edge router causing throughput issues

ActionTec GT704WG(B) failing to save configuration file to NVRAM via the GUI.


Again, all software. Hardware works just fine.

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Re: Ways for Verizon to stay in business

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not have customers spend 20 minutes pushing buttons just to speak to a human being, have CSR reps who have a clue.

not auto charge customer bank account without authorization, then act kike you have no clue what happened.

don't make customers sit on hold for an hour

have a website that works.


I could go on, and on and on


But I think saying verizon has the worst, by far customer support system i have had the displeasure of dealing with, so bad that Comcast look like the golden ring.

I guess what people are saying is true.

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