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What exactly does VCast VPac include

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What exactly does VCast VPac include

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I just enrolled in Premium Plan and was told that it covered unlimited EVERYTHING, there would never be additional charges to my bill, it is unlimited and there would be no use of minutes for using the features.  However, I spoke to a different rep today regarding a second phone on the plan and it appears this is not the case.  I cannot find anything online that lists what VCast or VPac includes.  IE: does it include download of music at no charge?  No minutes?  Does it include accessing internet sites at no charge, no minutes?

Does it include sending/receiving unlimited emails at no charge, no minutes?

  Is there a place that explains this feature in detail?  In black and white?

  I was hoping for a plan that my irresponsible son couldn't surprise me with a bunch of unexpected charges, while still having some nice features, but it looks like this might not do it.  If I have to block his use of the internet to avoid additional charges, there would be no point in having the premium plan that I can see.

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Re: What exactly does VCast VPac include

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From my understanding, the Premium Plan includes unlimited MB usage (internet, texting, picture/video messaging), as well as including song/ringtone downloads (or basically anything which falls under VCast, so also streaming music/video), whereas VPack offers unlimited song/ringtone downloads and music/video streaming.


(I'm referencing http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/splash/planfamily.jsp?lid=//global//plans//voice+plans//family for this info... notice on the chart where it shows the checkmark under Premium for VCast VPack, which seems to me to mean that it's built into the Premium Plan.)


You may wish to double-check with customer service to verify this is indeed the case, but it looks like your Premium Plan should already have the protection for even VCast surprises built in.


Hope this helps!

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