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What happens when the power goes off?

What happens when the power goes off?

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I apparently live in a third world country called Montgomery County Maryland.  It is one of the richest counties in the US but the County Executive refuses to do anything about improving the power grid because his office has power.   We have been without power for four days this time and we don't know how many more days we will be without power. We lose power over and over again.  I am considering buying a generator. 


Comcast has installed backup generators in various places to get power to their grid. Verizon has installed generators to power their mobile grid so we can get phone and internet through my Verizon phone.  I have seen these generators at various places in the region.  I don't know if Verizon is powering their fiber network and don't have a way to test that I know of.


What I am wondering is if I get a backup generator large enough to power everything in my house would I have ANY services from Verizon Fios?  Would the internet, phone and/or television work? What are the variables? 


I have an Android phone that is capable of being a mobile hotspot.  Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  I am worried that if I teether that to my computers I will incur additional expenses.  I have unlimited data and was told by a Verizon customer service representative that there would NOT be any data charges but I am paranoid that they will charge we some huge amount of money if I start watching TV through my phone.


Does Verizon have any special deals etc. if there is a power outage? 


This post covers a lot of material.   I am trying to ask for a thought out answer of if you were without power for some period of time would investing in a generator do any good if the area is out of power as well?






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In general the answer is yes, you would get Fios service if you use a generator.  But that is assuming that FIOS optical cables aren't damaged and the centers that have verizon equipment and servers are running.  Verizon does have backup power but such things fail.  Its known this time that at least one center in Virginia is struggling.

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definetely get a generator.


Especially if you're in an area that is prone to outages and thosee outages last more than 8 hours at a time.  


the fios is run off your house electricity, so when it goes out, you are out.   They give you a Battery back up, but it only works for corded phones, not internet or tv.

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I have a whole house generator. My fios services "Do Not Work" during a power outage. There is power to the fios unit, but I get no phone, internet or tv. What good is having power supplied to fios, if they do not work during outage???

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