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What's with the ILD charge?

What's with the ILD charge?

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I have found countless links about this ILD company slipping charges on to Verizon phone bills without people actually asking for this service (whatever it is).  Their website makes it look like a merchant type service while the charge on my bill eludes to a "Fone Right Voicemail Mthly Fee".  This is a joke!  Why would Verizon allow such a thing to take place is beyond me.  Apparently, ILD does have legitimate contracts with the telephone companies to allow their services but sticking them on there through tricky backdoor means should never been allowed by Verizon.  Of course, maybe they don't care about losing a customer who has to deal with this but I can't imagine them losing customers who pay well over a $1,000 a year in services simply to allow this company to start charging ($14.95) at will for unnecessary, unasked for services.


Please tell me there is hope to have this removed without having to drop my services altogether and switch to a cable provider.


Has anyone out there had this similar issue and any help from Verizon or is it time to switch away from a company that allows this to happen?



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Hi UpsetCustomer,


You might want to take a look at these threads regarding similar charges by ESBI and how other customers handled this and were able to get the charges credited to their account.



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Thank you KaLin for referring me to the additional threads.


I had already viewed them and was aware of the fact that it is a scam that these occur.  This is plastered all over the net!  Your response appears to be typical of Verizon's approach to this problem which is to point the finger elsewhere and have us take care of the problem which has been allowed to take place under Verizon's watchful eye (or shall I say turned head) In many cases this can take up to 2 to 3 months.  Frankly, if this is the best that Verizon can do in assiting it's consumer when they have allowed this to take place then I need to take my business elsewhere.


I'm sure you've read the posts and realize the bottom line is 99% of the people have difficulties even finding a correct phone number to call or getting someone to stay on the line long enough let alone have any credit take place to their account while it goes into arrears for 3 months and then goes on their credit report.


As a moderator for Verizon I would encourage you to discuss this with others higher up the chain.  Times are hard right now and there are many choices for phone/cable/internet providers.  Verizon could distinguish themselves by eliminating this sort of thing but maybe I'm naive to the kickback that they receive for turning their heads.


Upset Consumer 



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I recently had a charge for "Enhanced Services" placed on my Verizon telephone bill. ESBI was/is the billing aggregator, and thanks to the Verizon forums I was able to find out info about ESBI and the lawsuit brought against them by the Federal Trade Commission. As it turned out, my phantom charges were for "concierge services" while I was in the hospital in December. I was able to get Verizon to put a "miscellaneous charge block" on my number, but Verizon wouldn't credit back this illegal charge.
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We are trusting Verizon to handle our accounts in a proper and professional manor.  Allowing companies like ILD to appear on our accounts and start charging us without our permission is very bad business!!!  When I want to change something on my account I have to give Verizon information like my last 4 digits of my social security #, etc. but then Verizon allows some fraudulent activity by ILD to add services without even talking to me.  Good reputable companies would not pass it on to us and say it is our problem and we have to deal with getting it removed and credited to our account, especially when it should have never been allowed in the first place.  Good companies that I deal with would confirm such a thing with me first before they allow it.  One such way is the company sends me an e-mail that I need to reply to, by e-mail or phone, before such a change is allowed.  There are many ways Verizon can, and should, confirm with me changes to my accounts before the changes are made.

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I couldn't agree with you more about your sentiments/statements.  It's crazy to see this stuff take place when it should be obvious that protective mechanisms should be in place for the consumer.  I guess we're witnesses to the shaddy background deals that take place so that the big guy can make an extra buck.


Well, I have some good news to my initial post.


I contacted ILD services (who deny any immediate responsibility for the service being assigned to me) they kindly forwarded my email to Fone Right.


I contacted Fone Right and they have kindly agreed to refund two months of this service but it will take several billing months to do so.  I will follow up if this actually occurs.  Their reasons for why this charge occurred were erroneous and they could not substantiate who or why the service was assigned to a phone that already had this service.  The person they referred to doesn't live in my home and I have never heard of them.


Moreover, I have addressed the real issue for my inconvience.  I terminated my service with Verizon and have switched to Comcast triple for ALL of my services.  I now have an internet connection speed that approaches 20Mps and have High Def TV to boot and all for less than what I would have paid with Verizon.  Comcast has never allowed such "Add on charges" for other services not related to comcast.


Cheerfully, UpsetConsumer  (not so upset anymore)

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I just sent this to Verizon:


To whom it may concern
Verizon Local Telephone (and FIOS)
1095 Avenue of the Americas
New York,

Billing on behalf of Meteline Tech

Last Month I looked at my phone bill and found a $12.95 charge to a third party provider.
I was curious about it but got distracted so I forgot about it.
This month I checked the bill again and the same charge was on there. I investigated **bleep**her and discoverd that it was Billing on behalf of Meteline Tech. for Voice Mail.
So further investigation (google) I find there are alot of folks being scammed and that you are very much aware of it.
And I had my wife print out a copy of payments to you and it seems that this has been going on for years.

You have exactly 24 hours to credit my account for the monies that were stolen from me, or I will File complaints with the BBB,FCC,DPUC,and my States Attorney General.
I will also change over my phone/TV/ Internet to another provider.

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As I stated in my previous post, it is very easy for Verizon to control this problem.  Just one simple way - Verizon should contact us via e-mail stating that there has been a change request for our account and that if we approved of this we need to contact Verizon by phone, or sign in to our account online, and verify the changes before they will be allowed.


It boggles my mind why Verizon would allow such underhanded fraudulent tactics like this to even happen in the first place.  I have a friend who is a multi-billionaire and owns many companies and the most important thing for him is always CUSTOMER SERVICE.  One saying I learned from him years ago is how so many companies "can't see the dime behind the penny".  Verizon is saving a penny by allowing this third party stuff without our permission and then putting it all on us to deal with it.  But, Verizon is then losing a dime because people will switch companies, and tell others, which will then have a huge impact on whether they will join Verizon.  Word-Of-Mouth Marketing can be your companies best friend, or your worst enemy, and it is very easy to make it your best friend.


I have been in my own business for a long time, and like my friend I mention above, we would both solve the problem the same way.  First of all, we would make you have to approve the changes as I stated above.  Second, if for some reason account changes are being made without your permission and you contact our company, the charges will be dropped and you will not have to be the one to deal with it.  Even if it means we have to eat that $12-$15 cost.  Why would we want to tick off our customers who are spending in the hundreds to thousands of dollars a year with us over something like this.  Verizon gains the penny ($12-$15) but loses the dime (hundreds to thousands)

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Verizon Failed to assist me so I did what I said I was going to do. All the complaints are out except my states AG but that will happen.

I another service provider coming to my home in two days to install.

Good Riddance Verizon

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