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Why Does Verizon Continue to Screw Existing Loyal Customers?

Why Does Verizon Continue to Screw Existing Loyal Customers?

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So, at the end of almost 4 years of service, I now find out that Verizon offers a much better deal to NEW customers. It is significantly cheaper and they give them a FREE DVR for life AND a $300 Prepaid VISA Card !!


 So I called to do a "complimentary" account review and could not get a "deal" anywhere near the price of what they are offering to new customers...let alone what they state in their direct mail letter.  I asked one Customer Service rep if I could talk to a supervisor...answer: "no" have to go online to get the new "deal".... Guess what ?  The online deal is $5.00 more a month than the "scheduled" price increase" quoted of $10.00 and it does not offer the DVR.


So ... Dustin Kroger - Director, Customer Rleationship Marketing ...the guy who sent me the letter......WAKE UP...Verizon's Customer Service SUCKS ! Why are you screwing your best revenue base ?  


I have contacted my NJ State Div. of Consumer Affairs who already has a website devoted to Verizon's misrepresentations, so I know i am not alone in my thoughts.


I will probably switch to Optimum online, simply because I can't get straight answers and I find this sort of corporate behavior pretty un-ethical.

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I couldn't agree more!

Why can't existing customers get this free multi-room DVR deal?

Do we have to cancel our account and then sign up again?

The Optimum salesman is always knocking on our door to offer us a better deal, maybe we should take him up on it...Verizon isn't doing much to keep their loyal customers!

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Verizon...seriously...what is your answer to this.  Please respond to this soon or I am going to drop my service and go are about to lose some money.

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Silver Contributor V
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Its a common practice with many service companies to not give the good deals to existing customers.


However at least some of these deals, or other special deals, exist now for loyal customers.  Seems to vary by regions of the country.

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Common practice doesn't make it a good practice.  Smiley Wink


Had a long conversation last night with a Service Cancellation agent and she tried to tell me that they stand on the quality of their product and basically that should be enough (not in those exact words)...I told her that quite frankly in this economy no company should stand solely on their product quality alone and if they arent offering solid cost savings then there's no good reason for a customer to stick around.  Especially if they can leave go somewhere else and then come back and get those savings by "being new".


Sure it's a hassle...but this economy when people are trying to save money the "hassle" can be worth it.  They want to bump up my rate by $50 a month.  That's $600 a year!!! 


At the very least I am going to be cancelling some services which means they WILL be losing revenue.

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Because it's their Modus Operandi.

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I dont know any cable company who will give existing customers better deals that new customers get. Years ago, maybe, but not these days. I switched a year and a half ago from Bright House who I was paying $99 a month for their bundle with snail internet speeds. After the year was up I called and tried to get them to keep me at the $99 rate as I was thinking about switching to fios. They told me there were no deals for me and was nothing they could do. I even called 2 other times to try again to nothing, but even the last rep. saw that I already called before since they keep records.

I ended up switching to fios. After a year and a half I saw the new upgrade center and the current offers. No they were not as cheap as a new customer would get, but not only could I get the $300 visa I could still get the bundle I wanted at a fair price compared to what Bright House would charge me. Lets put it this way, my father in law can not get fios where he is and pays $250 a month for the same stuff I have now and I'm still paying a good $100+ less.

Its all a matter of where you live, how much competition is around you and what not.

Would I like the free dvr? of course who wouldnt?


These days what a lot of people do is switch back and fourth from company to company just to get the good prices. We shouldn't have to do that, but that's how it goes. Once my 2 years are up I'm sure I'll switch back to Bright House for 6 months (since verizon makes you wait 6 months) then switch back to fios again unless I find a decent rate in the upgrade center at that time.

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BTW...Im not asking for a BETTER deal...just the SAME deal.

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Because we allow them to get away with it!!!  What we need is more competition.  If there were 10 cable companies in your area, I bet you could get a better price.  Sometimes, I wonder why I bother with getting the higher priced cable TV.  I only watch a very few stations.    Maybe, we should all downsize.!!!

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I agree with you. We had a Verizon Rep. trying to sell the services and I approached him with the same problem. He suggested that I disconnect Verizon FIOS for a couple of months, go with a Cable Company and then try come back to Verizon. Well, I did that and Verizon screwed my last bill. They were incorrectly asking me for money on my last bill while in reality they owed me a Refund. They sent it to a Collection Agency. I was so fed up and angry that I filed a complaint with FTC and Better Business Bureau. Additionally, I spent over 20 hours with more than 7 different departments. Finally when BBB approached them with my complaint, someone from their higher office called and fixed the problem. I assure you if they had messed up my credit report, a major law suit would have been filed.

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