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Will Baltimore Ever get fios? Verizon needs to upgrade!!! Whats the hold up!!

Will Baltimore Ever get fios? Verizon needs to upgrade!!! Whats the hold up!!

Location: Maryland, Baltimore


Ok I am not trying to rant but I have been following Verizon's deployment of Fios every since it first started & well, every since then I have been waiting to see any news about the service coming in to the metro area, especially considering we are surrounded by fios in our countys. I am not sure whats going on with the development efforts in our area anymore but I can tell you one thing, I'm sure getting tired of seeing those stupid adds for a service I can't receive. May be if you would spend as much on deployment as you do your add campaign we would have fios. I would think it would be a no brainier that it would be a good idea for Verizon to deploy their Fios service to the Baltimore city area since well we are a Major City and that equates to a Dense Population which equates to more customers per square Mile which equates to better chances of revenue streams. Lets not also forget it would be better for material use considering in our county's your next door neighbor lives 1/4 of a mile away so odds are you would have a higher revenue per foot of fiber in the city then the county, but whats that nope verizon continue's to stall the deployment of Fios to area's that are in need of a network upgrade.


So as you can see I have a hard time trying to grasp what the problem is with the situation between Verizon & my home town of Baltimore, I mean are they just cherry picking areas to install in? If not I'm having a hard time thinking of any reason why Verizon has yet to make any effort to start installing the new service, well besides the apartment complexes that have a binding legal contracts they have made sure install there in the city!!!! So lets see here in Baltimore City the average income is 60 thousand  & averge house price is $150,000 - $200,000. So I would think most in our city could easily afford the service & that that our city would be pretty profitable. I mean just ask Comcast, every since they purchased TCI out they have continuously upgraded there network here in Baltimore & even in my neighborhood "Hampden" has been the testing grounds for many of their new services before going nationwide, including speed upgrades and such. So I doubt that Comcast would be investing money in the city, if it was not making a profit. 


So my only conclusion could be that Verizon is ether against competition or just out right afraid of it. The main reason I want fios is because it would create competition against Comcast and hopefully it would drive prices down.  Back in the day we used to have that competition with Verizon's DSL, but considering Comcast's system here is almost entirely built out in fiber optics the DSL - Cable war of the past has turned in to more of a lop sided A** kicking. But to give every one a example of whats going on, Comcast's starting speed here is at 12mb Up & 1mb Down. Now for Dsl the speeds are 1-3mb up and lets not even mention the down speed.  So is Verizon planning to upgrade our city's network? is there a time frame? Because if not Verizon must not have the resources in Baltimore city to upgrade or they are actually fearful of head to head competition in a market where Comcast has both the technology & assets compete with Verizon. I am not greedy and I know it takes time to deploy new services like Verizon's fiber optic network and thats a big overhaul, I will not argue that & yes I am happy to have at least one choice I know there are many that don't even have that. But what I am saying is that Verizon's network is in need of being upgraded here in Baltimore, considering its no longer able to compete anymore against the Cable Giant what the hell is the hold up. 


Also on a side note, the speeds now offered by the Cable Co are up to 50 MB/s I mean come on I think its time to upgrade your network here in Baltimore, ether that or sell it off to some one who will upgrade/invest in the network so we can have another choice of a quality service like we did have years ago when the DSL was a viable technology. Hell in a few more years Wireless Services will end up replacing dsl all to geather anyways IMO.


So how about upgrading your aging network, where it needed!



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