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Words cannot decribe how bad your customer service is but I will try.

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Words cannot decribe how bad your customer service is but I will try.

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I am writing in this forum as my last resort.  I don't think I can even fit all of the problems I have had into less than a novels length so just know that this is an abridged version.  And as a disclaimer I will say that all representatives have been friendly and polite and I do not blame them for the fact that it seems Verizon has never heard of filing records or making notes on accounts.


First, I only had verizon High Speed Internet.  I moved across town and wanted to continue my services with Verizon.  That was my first mistake. So I arrived at my new home, set up my internet and everything seemed to be going as planned. It stayed that way until a few months later I receive a phone call that my services are going to be disconnected due to non-payment.  That could possibly make sense had I not subscribed to automatic bill pay and watched the payments come out of my account every month. I called to clear up the matter and after getting repeatly transferred, having to tell my story over and over, and staying on hold for what ended up being well over an hour (because nobody could find anything) I get my internet turned back on. 


Fast forward a couple months I start receiving two verizon bills in the mail, one for a current account account with my name spelled correctly and one for a way past due account with my name spelled incorrectly.  Finally understanding what might have happened and why my internet was disconnected I call verizon AGAIN to clear up the matter. Of course, being the talented and organized custodians of records that you guys are nobody found any record of the current account only of the past due account.  Your representative suggested that I pay the 400 plus dollars that I "owed you" and I did not agree. So after days, literally, DAYS of calling to clear up the matter, I end up paying for a couple months and the wrong account was cancelled. 


So for some reason (I guess I am insane)  I decide to bundle and add TV and Home Phone (because you force customers to get home phone even though it is an antiquated non-necessity) and I do so online with the help of your live chat representative.  I will say that she was very helpful. 


I get a confirmation e-mail containing my new phone number and a confirmation number for my order.  A few days later Direct TV contact me and sets up an installation appointment. All seems fine. So my boyfriend takes off work and waits at home for the installation tech while I am at work. Hours go by and nobody ever comes.  After the cut of time of when they had told us to expect them, my boyfriend calls me to let me know that nobody ever came.  I call Direct TV and I am informed that "Oh yeah, sorry it looks like they cancelled your appointment."


I understand that things come up, but a phone call would have been nice, or an e-mail, or at least an apology.  Instead of receiving any of those things I am met with stories of how apparently installation techs "pass out sometimes" and maybe thats what happened.  What?!  So basically my boyfriend wasted an entire day and frankly wasn't incredibly pleased about it. 


So I reschedule my appointment for 4 days later.  The tech comes and installs my dish and everything seems fine.  I get a phone and am pretty excited about setting it up and making some calls.  But, by now I should say of course, there's no dial tone.


I wearily call Verizon's support today thinking it would be a pretty easy fix.


First, I battle the robot who answers your phone just to get to the correct line. I select the appropriate number for home phone tech support and get comfortable.  I stay on hold for 30 minutes all the while enjoying the HORRIBLE smooth jazz (seriously guys Monk and Coltrane exist, check them out) and being ensured that somene would take my call in "under 60 seconds!"  I guess 60 seconds is actually a half hour in India. But thats fine.


Someone finally answers my phone and asks me for my info.  I give it to them and tell them my issue and he responds that "oh I'm sorry, this is the line for internet support, you need home phone support" Yes, I know, that is why I selected that menu option.  So he gives me the direct number for local home phone support.  I feel like I'm getting somewhere until I realize that the number he gave me is the same number I just called. Instead he transfers me to local support. 


I repeat my question to him and give them the phone number that was sent to me in my confirmation e-mail. I am informed that the number I was e-mailed belongs to someone else and has for a long time.  Also, he can't find any record of my having television or phone service. No big surprise, when I log into MyVerizon there is also no record of it. That's weird since I am watching TV RIGHT NOW.  So he transfers me to someone else.  Now it gets to the point where I can just say "please refer to the last seven sentences and repeat SIX TIMES." I talk to rep after rep until finally someone transfers me to a "local tech support number" which is DISCONNECTED.   So basically I got no where. 


I work at a Mortgage company, I understand how deaing with customers is.  You can successfully do it if you keep good records, and introduce ORGANIZATION into your organization. I try to be the most polite customer on the phone, I understand that it's probably not the reps fault. But I am freaking out.


I just want to make a phone call.  Please someone help me fix my phone service.




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We sent you a message on our private support board to assist you and we did not receive a response. Please repost the issue if you are still experiencing a problem so that we may assist you. Tonya C.

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