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Worst customer service I have ever experienced

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Re: Worst customer service I have ever experienced

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@lasagna wrote:


You can watch it on a second TV in the same 24-hour period.  The second STB will want you to "buy" it again, but according to the post above, you aren't billed for it as long as it's within the initial 24-hour period.



That's great to know, but call me a skeptic, what protection do we have as consumers, that V* won't turn around and use that as a basis to bill multiple times?  And why couldn't the V* agents simply say this instead of giving Quetee916 the run-around?  Ordering something On Demand shouldn't be this confusing or misleading and getting support shouldn't send you into a loop.


The point is, the technology is great, the customer service leaves a lot to be desired....



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Re: Worst customer service I have ever experienced

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you guys are making me nervous in getting pending order to get new services FIOS+Freedom package. However, I'm already a Verizon customer with separate DSL+basic phone plan and the new package is slightly cheaper with a lot more services. I even told the rep who appeared very competent and honest in offering this FIOS product to me that I've read too much problems with people getting new products and getting messed up on billing/service delays etc... She gave me her direct line if that ever happens I can just call her and she'll set it straight. I also got 30 days to cancel if things are not up to par. I'm just very fretful of ongoing problems with FIOS as some say it happens. My dsl+phone service been fine for 10 years+, but just recently had some dial tone problems fixed so even though new package is slightly cheaper for 2 years and way more services... I was very hesistant in making the move...why change things up when things are okay? and for a few bucks in saving? not an easy decsion although should be a no brainer if not for all these issues that I'm seeing/reading about... I guess expect the worse and hope for the best with new services.. yipes!

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Re: Worst customer service I have ever experienced

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Here's a link to the FCC complaint site for anyone who's interested:



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Re: Worst customer service I have ever experienced

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@mimi3908: The people you often find on the forums (and I am by no means singling anyone out individually) fall into a couple of categories: those who like to help, those who want help and appreciate any which is offered, those with a true service issue that they've concientiously tried to resolve thru the various "contact us" channels and are seeking advice on how to truly resolve it as a means of last resort, the impatient, the incompetitent, and those who likely work for a competitor, like to hear themselves whine, or derive some form of perverted entertainment from whining and complaining to see how people react (hint: look at the number of posts an individual has made historically for a good indication of the reliability and reputation of the person making those comments regardless of the nature of commentary).


It's safe to say that by and large many customers are probably pleased with their service and have no issues.   Afterall, when's the last time you went on to a forum and said "hey, no problems here, just letting everyone know"?   I have had the service since December of 2008, have had a few issues along the way but each and every time I called or chatted, the call was answered relatively quickly, the person truly wanted to help and did so professionally, and even offered ways to get the same or more service for LESS cost than my current bill.  I cancelled two service offerings along the way and made two changes to service and all were done quickly and without any pressure tactics to try to retain the service or give me something I didn't want.


That isn't to say that some haven't run across issues along the way or the occasional bad CSR, but having been a person on the other end of the phone from time to time in an enterprise setting (and I don't work for nor have I ever worked for Verizon -- I've work for over 25 years in IT for a large global engineering and manufacturing company), you wouldn't believe how rude some customers can be.  My motto here is to be patient, be courteous, be politely persistent, and above all be reasonable.  There are certainly things I don't like about Verizon's customer service model or the time it takes to get things repaired or even the way they handle scheduling of technician visits, and their billing when you make mid-cycle changes can be downright confusing, but on par, they're about the same as everyone else -- better in some areas and worse in others.  What's different for me however as a FiOS customer is they're internet and TV offerings have been outstanding and far superior to the other offerings available in my area (including their own DSL offerings).


My two.   Those who don't agree may feel free to "cat * > /dev/null".







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Re: Worst customer service I have ever experienced

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I've been a FiOS customer for 2 years now and while the TV, Phone and Internet service have been fine my big issues with Verizon are their billing departments and customer service departments- they are a nightmare to deal with.


Case in point just the other night I was trying to setup the remote DVR app on my iPhone but when I went to my box to get the ST id it showed that my box was not being recognized by Verizon (or not registered or something- I don't recall the message) and to call the 1-800 number.  I get a kid on the line who kept trying to blame it on my iPhone (seriously, the BOX doesn't have the code!) and then after making me reset my router (which also wiped out all my settings...grrr) and then rebooting the box the code still didn't show up. 


He finally said that he was going to escalate this to a higher level but, and I quote, "I don't know if they are going to call you back or not."




And forget about ever accepting their offers for free months of premium channels.  They always bill us each month for them and we have to call and deal with the **bleep** in billing to have the charges reversed.  Now when they call offering these free upgrades I tell them no and the people on the phone get all snarky and rude because apparently I'm a **bleep** for not wanting 3 free months of HBO.  


Ok, I'm done. 😄  Again, the TV, internet and phone are great- it just turns into a **bleep**-show when you have to actually talk to someone at VZ.





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Re: Worst customer service I have ever experienced

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verizon Billing customer service is the worst. This is only my third month and every month there are charges and subscriptions i never added.   I got tmy service 3 months ago and i got 4 digital boxes. Verison charged me 59 box for installing an extra outlet when they never had to install one because i already have the existing outlet.  Verizon denied thedispute because they said that as long as i get more than 3 boxes every other extra box i get they will have to charge 60  bucks for installation. I say thats **bleep**.... i dont think these verizon reps knows what the hell they are talking about. Who the hell charges 60 bucks to crew in a cable wire.? Time to cancel service .. Oh yeah and they also billed me for hindu channel .... security package and a game package ... something i never ordered. but they refuse to refund me my money.. Verizon you relaly get my Blood presure rising. I hate you guys.

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Re: Worst customer service I have ever experienced

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I really have to agree that I've never experienced worse customer service.  I called yesterday trying to get a QIP7232 STB.  I  spent over 2.5 hours on one call getting transferred from FSC to billing to FSC to sales and finally back to FSC.  Each person I talked to said exactly the same thing "I can't help you, but I'll transfer you to someone who can."  There is absolutely no excuse for that.


I had heard that the 7232s were for "new customers only," but I couldn't beleive VZ would treat current customers this poorly.  I was wrong.  The below is from the 7232 thread:


Re: 500GB Motorola QIP7232 HD DVR Coming soon!


@abhi_col wrote:

As I said , It is only for new installs. Eventually the inventory from where the STBs are shipped will slowly get the new STBs...

I understand what you said.  That doesn't change the fact that VZ has chosen to embark on a policy that gives preferential treatment to new customers at the expense of customers like myself who pay them nearly $400/month for bundled services and have for almost a decade.  Further, this policy is without exception, or any kind of appeal process.


To my knowledge, V is the only company that insists on policies that reward those who spend less, for a shorter period of time, in favor of those who spend more for longer.  Think of airline, credit card, or numerous other reward programs.  It runs counter to common business sense.  It's an absolutely ludicrous marketing strategy and will likely result in the loss of my business.  This "shoot yourself in the foot" strategy is unparalleled in business and is yet another example of VZ's disregard for their loyal customers.


Yeah, I certainly know what the policy is and it's just plain wrong.


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Re: Worst customer service I have ever experienced

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Verizon customer service sucks bigtime....Not just customer service, even the billing department sucks....there are no recordings of the conversation we have with them...they directly say on your face that they cant trust customers....their agents speak on thing to customer and note some other thing...their only aim is to get rid of customer call without making changes to satisfy complaint service - email or phone is provided...i am sick and tired of my verizon account and billing

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Re: Worst customer service I have ever experienced

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