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09/22/2012 09:20 PM
Ticket number:{edited for privacy}
Dear Verizon FiOS Customer,
You recently contacted the Verizon Fiber Solution Center regarding your FiOS Video service. As promised, here are the links to some Verizon Tools and Web sites that will assist you with managing your FiOS Video service in the future.



Last night tried to order free movie Verizon said had coming. More than a dozen attempts and kept getting a no go message saying VOD_352. Calles Verizon number from 411---got "number not in service" --and I thought you were the phone company---shades of Lily Tomlin playing Earnestine the operator! Found an 800 # and called--went through multiple commands before I got a person who said he would connect me with a TV specialist--after 4 minutes I was returned to the command menu--not to a specialist. once again, after tapping multiple command prompts--none of which was "problem with on demand"--got a live person who needed my info (phone-name-zip) --then sent me to a TV specialist who needed my info for the third time!--I am seeing my annoyance increasing exponentially.  Explained the message saying VOD_352---she said “we are experiencing an outage for this service and working to fix ASAP”. Now my frustration is through the roof!Smiley Mad

  • Why didn’t someone know this and tell me
  • Why can’t Verizon have messages on the service call when one first calls announcing any outages of service
  • OR better yet—instead of VOD_352 (which requires me to have a decoder ring to know what means ) just have a screen message saying “This service is not available due to technical difficulties”

I spent the better part of an hour on this on a Saturday night that started with thinking “Isn’t Verizon grand—giving me, their valued customer a chance to enjoy a Saturday night movie on them. I must remember to thank them!” instead feeling like what started out as a Nordstrom’s experience descended into a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles on a bad day.

I just know you have the technology to implement one or more of my ideas bulleted above.



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We sent you a message on our private support board to assist you  and we did not receive a response.  Please repost the issue if you are still experiencing a problem so that we may assist you. 

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