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cell phone with same area code now long distance #! SLOW DSL & new telemarketer calls

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cell phone with same area code now long distance #! SLOW DSL & new telemarketer calls

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I have been a DSL customer since 2005 and Verizon phone service since I my first teenager line at 16 yrs old (21 yrs ago.)


Hubby & I also have Verizon cell phones since switching from Tmobile 3 yrs ago. (That was a mistake!)

A few months ago I had a mysterious $1.99 charge. When I called the charge was removed. Two months later it showed up again only to find out that I now have to pay $1.99 plus .12 a min for long distance service. Since we have cell phone plan with 2000 mins we never use our house line.

So I refused the long distance and was charged $2.75 to "change service" for a plan that I never even signed up for!!!


After finding out that phone calls within our 609 area were "regional" and now considered long distance with a basic phone plan. I was talked into upgrading into Regional Essentials plus our DSL. I was told that hubbys cell phone would be included because he has a 609 number. That was in December 2011.


My 6mo old iPhone 4s once again shut itself off and won't come back for the 3rd time. This morning I needed to call my husband that works outside to alert him to severe thunderstorms coming.

I try to call him and get "long distance access code" message!!!!


I called Verizon and was told only certain cell phone numbers are approved for regional calling even though it has the same area code!!!! How can your own cell phone number be long distance in the same area code???

So either I was lied to or Verizon once again made changes without notifying anyone! Filing a complaint with FCC now. State of NJ has it's own Verizon complaint forum as well.

So now I'm forced to pay $1.99 a mo for long distance that I may use once every 3 mos. Unbelievable!


I was so angry I tried to cancel the landline service and found out I can't have DSL without a basic landline. My basic landline has $12 in taxes and fees for a $16 mo landline!!! Once again another way to trap customers.


It's bad enough that recently I have been getting telemarketer phone calls all hours of the day even with being on the Do Not Call List.


DSL service has been slow and frequent outages. Funny how I received an email for a "new" faster DSL upgrade - can we say entrapment  by Verizon?


I can't believe Verizon can get away with all of this!! Trapped another year with Verizon cells and switching internet to Comcast as we speak.




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