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how do you silence the BBU 'alarm'

how do you silence the BBU 'alarm'

Contributor mike34698
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Dear Community,


To the point: Is there a way to permanently deactivate the alarm beep due to a low/dead BBU?



I activated FIOS in 2011 for TV and the Internet...no phone service.

Nontheless, the FIOS-to-COAX electronics comes with a BBU.

Now the backup battery for phone line emergencies has died and the 'alarm' goes off with a loud beep every few minutes. 

I removed the battery but it still beeps.

I pressed the 'silence alarm' button and it worked for a day but now the 'alarm' beep is back and the 'silence' button no longer stops the beeping.

Since the BBU does me no good (recall I have no FIOS voice service) I do not want to spend $20 for a new battery just to turn off the beep for 3-4 years.

Is there a way to deactivate the alarm permanently?

I checked the community board but could not find an answer.





Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Should be able to disconnect the battery, and then silence the alarm.


I just replace the battery if its really dead.  Sometimes it isn't.  There are lots of cheap sources for the battery.

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Gold Contributor VII
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Verizon is suppose to be getting new BBUs with firmware that the BBU doesn't beep.

Contributor 36airflow
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Has anybody fixed this beeping problem.  I didn't have a battery to begin with and the alarm will not silence.

Contributor DisgruntledO
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If you Google this the BBU will not silence while the battery is dead.  The only way is to replace it.  The battery only keeps the phone services online, it'll disconnect everything else - internet/tv - when the power goes out.  Don't have phone service, Verizon doesn't care, it'll still beep until you buy a new battery, which according to their website is your responsibility to replace.  If you have an old enough system you can trick it by swapping two wires, if it's a newer installation within the past couple of years you are out of luck, the battery is about $30 on Amazon, about $60 the last time I checked in Verizon's web store.  There is no defect as far as Verizon is concerned, the system is working as designed to notify you that your (non-existant) phone service isn't working.

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