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i want verizon to call me to apologize

i want verizon to call me to apologize

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i had issues with my phone and had a verizon tech reair the issue. since then, 4 days, i have had verizon reps cold call me saying they wanted tosave me money. after talking to the first call, i realized they wanted to sell me additional services. the firsy guy's name was roy with a verizon id of {edited for privacy}  (iasked him for the info and that is what he gave me). after talking with roy i recieved another call from a verizon rep later the same day. i spent no time with this caller and i called verizon to see what was going on. when i got somone on the line, i told them about roy and {edited for privacy}. the person said that is not verizon's id format and not an employee. the person said they use contractors not employees. i told then that they are hiring liars for contractors. todat i recived three more calls from verizon. i made another call to customer service. when i got somene on the line i told her of my issue. she said she would put me on the verizon do not call list. i told her my number is on thr national do not  call list. she said verizon can call me regardless of the national call registry because i am there customer. that is the biggest crock of  a technical sidestep i have seen in awhile. verizon needs to have qiute a bit more control of what the people they are hiring are getting away with. if it were not for their near mompoly on service they should as a compny fail. again, and i know you read or will hear about this, i want somone to call me an apologize for your unscrupulous action that have caused me to take action and waste so much of my time. rest assured, i will not stop until i get my do apology. 

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This is a peer to peer support forum. You cannot reach Verizon on these boards. Please  visit our Support page for a variety of ways to contact Verizon, including “Ask Verizon,” our virtual chat agent, and customer support phone numbers.


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