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magicJack Plus -- plugging directly into Verizon Wireless Router

magicJack Plus -- plugging directly into Verizon Wireless Router

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MagicJack Plus is a great little device and it works great plugged into your computer's USB port, but many people have complained they can't use the unit as designed -- plugging it directly into the Verizon wireless router.  The obvious advantage is the fact you don't have to keep your computer on.  I called Verizon help and the customer support person didn't know how to help; nor did the magicJack Plus techie gurus.  Some web sites talking about the infamous MJ+ error message "23" and state you must check your firewall, reboot this and that -- which will only frustrate new MJ+ users even more.  


Fortunately, I came across a web site developed by Jason Bergman which pointed me in the right direction.  I responded to his blog when my MJ+ finally was recognized by my wireless router.  Now I can use my new Internet connected phone when my computer is shut down.  Finally!  Okay, enough chatting.  Here's is my response -- I hope it will help anyone trying to use the MJ+ on the FIOS network.




Error 23 solved!  First, I want to state my deep appreciation to the following expert on magicJack:   I accessed Jason Berger's web site:

I learned that many devices you connect to any router will not work if it doesn’t recognize the MAC address assigned to the device. Don’t worry about the meaning of “MAC” — I didn’t know it either. According to wikipedia, “a Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment.” By the word “interface” think of the two devices, in this case your router and the MJ+, that must communicate together. In order for your router to recognize your magicJack, you must teach the router the MJ’s MAC alpha/digit address. Okay, again I didn’t know how to find that either until I followed Jason’s link suggestion above. First plug in your MJ+ into your computer’s USB port and ensure it is turned on and you have a dial tone. Then, enter Jason’s website. After you click on the link “DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE TO REVEAL MAGIC JACK PLUS MAC ADDRESS” you can open up the resulting site and copy down the alpha/digit MAC address. Note: MAC addresses include zeros, not the letter O. So if you see a 0 as one of your digits, it is a zero. I'm not sure if you really have to have the MJ+ plugged in when you do this, but it won't hurt, right?  Okay, now that you have your needed address, you must open up your router’s master control (or some other name) to enter the address. According to Jason’s link, you may have different brand routers — I have the Verizon Ultraline Series 3, 9100EM. Fortunately for me, the router’s Internet web address was the first one listed in his instructions: Once opened, I had to create a password — I left the “user” name as “admin.” Write down your password, because you may have to re-open the router’s control for other devices — word on that later. Okay, now that you have access to the router’s controls, make sure you don’t start fooling around with areas you have no clue what they do — you may soon be paying a FIOS technician to reset your entire system. On top of your router’s screen, click on “Wireless,” then open “Advance Security Settings.” About the middle of the page, you’ll see where it states “Wireless MAC authentication.” As you move your cursor over these three words, click on the highlighted link and you’ll see where you can click on and then enter a “New MAC Address.” Enter the 6 sets of alpha/digits — two each in each box which is separated by colons (Smiley Happy. After entering the MAC address, click on “OK.” On the next screen you’ll see the new address; double check that the address is correct, then click on “Apply” at the bottom of the page.  You're almost done!


Next, ensure you turn up your volume on your MJ+ before you disconnect it from your USB port. Once you have the unit plugged directly into your router, you will not have access to the MJ popup screen.

Supposedly, according to the MJ gurus, the unit will retain the volume setting when you plug it directly 

into your router. Now, remove the MJ+ device from the USB port and following the original directions, plug your device into one of the Ethernet ports, plug in your phone line, and then plug the unit into your electric outlet. Ready? Check your phone line — you should have a beautiful sounding dial tone! If your computer screen states, “plug in your magicJack” — simply click on the red exit “X” and ignore the message.


Unfortunately, one solution may cause another problem. You may have noticed when you were setting up the MAC address in your router, you were limiting access to external devices by entering their specific address — this may knock out other devices you have on your wireless network — because  you did not list each device.  For example, I have a new ROKU box to connect my TV to the Internet. And you guessed it, I had to find the MAC address for my ROKU to reconnect it to the Internet. I followed the same steps and voila! It works as good as new. I had to do the same for my wife's wireless connected laptop as well.


Good luck if you’re receiving the infamous “Error Code 23.″  My attempt to have the Verizon router recognize my maicJack Plus worked for me — I sure hope I’ve helped someone.  If I forgot a step in the above explanation, please write it down so everyone will benefit.  Again, my hat is off to you Jason — thanks for your help.


Sincerely, AirforceJohn

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Actually this use without a computer is news to me ... but I see they recently added this capabilily which is pretty nice.


In reality, this really isn't the right fix however.   Mac address restriction is disabled by default -- and really, it should just remain disabled.  If someone turned it on, you are better off just accessing the router and turning off the Mac address restriction rather than adding the Magicjack to the list.


While wireless security of WPA2 should be enabled on the router (it uses WEP by default which is deprecated and broken), the use of Mac restrictions on wireless server little more than making life for the owner more difficult.  Someone trying to hack into a network will not be deterred by Mac address restrictions, since Mac spoofing is quite easy to accomplish.



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I understand "my fix" above will make life a little more challenging because you have to list all your wireless devices' MAC addresses -- as I found out with my ROKU, my wife's laptop, and my wireless connected printer.  However, I found no one, and I mean not one customer support person or semi-qualified "expert" that has given any workable instructions on how to use the newer magicJack + with the router Verizon supplied me when I signed on to the FIOS family.  The MJ+ customer support was a nightmare and Verizon isn't going to bend over backwards trying to learn how someone can circumvent using one of their own telephone lines.  In other words, there's no monetary incentive to come up with a solution.  Please -- if anyone else has fixed the "MJ error 23" problem in any other way, by all means list the instructions step-by-step to help all the MJ+ owners who just want to save some money.  Obviously, I'm not a computer expert, but I personally found my solution rather easy to use and it is the only solution that has worked.  I suggest you buy a MJ+ unit yourself and try to get it working through your router -- if you come up with a better and easier idea, I'd love to hear about it -- and many more readers as well.  Airforcejohn

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I have just installed a MJplus at a friends house. it worked for 3 days until MJ cancelled the verizon account. Now we cannot get the phone or internet to work. Verizon has said that with DSL we need to have verizon as the phone carrier in order for it to work. I have fios and MJplus and it works fine. Verizon says they no longer are able to do a dry loop as of may of last year. Magicjack tech tells me to call verizon and cancel phone service,verizon claims they do not recognize the phone # involved. Since we can't get on line to contact MJ we have been using my cell phone.Not sure what to do next any ideas please email me at {edited for privacy} or post here i will try to get here to read any ideas.

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Try this first. 

Plug the Magic Jack into the router. 

Make sure it has power (blue light). 

Unplug the router for thirty seconds, then plug it back in and wait for it to re-set. 

That's all it took to get the router to recognize our Magic Jack II device. 


(A) we still have Verizon phone service as well, and

(B) we never installed the Verizon firewall software, preferring to rely on the Microsoft-provided software. 

Either may be a factor. 

Good luck.

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Here's the FIX. Do not waste your time tinkering.

MagicJack PLUS FIX

PostFri Aug 22, 2014 4:35 pm

I chatted with MJ Support/haha. I finally got them to send me a new MJ for $5.39 S&H. Upon receipt I registered blah blah and of course it only functioned when plugged into my computer [MAC]. Back to "Support" and when I said I was not going through the **bleep** of unplugging, plugging, restarting, I was transferred to the next level. I then was connected to a guy named Victor. I gave him control of my desktop and watched as he added the MJ MAC address into my Verizon router. Now it works like it's supposed to.
And that is the FIX. Users are paying for their service, let them work for our money. I strongly suggest you don't let them make you go through the Scripted Steps, it will not fix it.
PS--I posted this on another website also.


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